14 Photo Editing Tools for Social Media Marketing

You may already know that visuals play an essential role in all social media marketing campaigns. However, we are always so pressed for time that we do not pay attention to the quality of the random images we occasionally place on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram from our mobiles.

It’s a dream for any business owner to have some effective tool for photo editing and be able to use it while having a bite or waiting for a call-back. You can hire a photo editing studio for your social media campaign or use state-of-the-art mobile apps for doing the project on your own.

Here we would like to introduce the 14 most efficient and easy-to-use mobile tools for photo editing.

14 Photo Editing Tools to Be Used for Social Media Marketing Campaigns

To be effective, the best social media images should be:

  • high-quality and clearly focused;
  • adjusted for shadows, brightness and saturation;
  • taken from prospective angles;
  • corresponding to your brand’s colours and style;
  • promoted with good texts that use attractive fonts and sizes.

Here are the best photo editing tools which can help you to achieve such results.

  1. Lightroom

The app is great for photographers and everybody who wants to adjust their images for contrasts, colors, and tones. It will help you to create a consistent feel for your social media page.

  1. Photo Studio

This app is classy. It works well for a perfectly designed and respectable brand offering colorful pre-made templates. They feature nice fonts and a lot of creative options for those who would like to stand out from the crowd on social media.

  1. Adobe Photo Express

The editing potential of this app is amazing. It allows for removing undesired objects, shifting items, playing with colors, and creating attractive multi-layered projects.

  1. WordSwag

This is a powerful editing tool for busy entrepreneurs. It is great for adding and formatting text. It allows for a great variety of font options and caption suggestions.

  1. TouchRetouch

This tool works well for both photographers and business people. You can eliminate any unwanted object from your photo and your social media image will become cleaner and more focused.

  1. VSCO Cam

Though this tool does not allow for adding text to your image, you can make great use of it while on the go. It will produce high-quality photos as if they were taken by a professional DSLR. You can keep your followers and potential clients updated with what you are doing.

  1. Canva

If you want to inform your target audience about special deals or highlight news and achievements, this app is right for you. It allows for making designed images with a variety of shapes, preset templates, backgrounds, and text options. You will be able to instantly share your ideas via social media.

  1. PicsArt

Apart from photo editing, you will be able to draw your ideas and use free images from their photo gallery. Apply your creativity to your social media marketing campaign with this wonderful tool.

  1. Halide

You may not have a professional camera, of course. Though using this tool on your mobile will replace any inconveniences. The app enhances your smartphone’s photography options by adding more focus, zoom, and color correction. You will be able to take photos in HEIC and RAW formats.

  1. Photofy

This is a great tool for collage-making. It can add text, branded characters, and anything you would like to have in your social media marketing materials. You will be happy to create serious marketing projects in such a simple way.

  1. AfterLight2

This tool provides several natural filters for your photos. You can also create your ones. You can add color shifts, overlays, or double exposure to your images. The tool is very simple but it can add a lot of style to your marketing project.

  1. Over

This is a premium brand-new app that is truly worth its price. You can create images for social media, flyers, posters, and other marketing materials here. You may additionally purchase some assets for this tool if you feel that those provided by default are not enough. You can also use the app on your tablet.

  1. FaceTune

You can edit almost everything in your photos with this app – color, sharpness, brightness, and other important features. It helps to hide brightened eyes and blemishes, adjust jawlines, whiten teeth and improve the overall layouts.

  1. Phonto

The advantage of this online tool is that you can use it for free. You can pick one font from 200 options, add text to your photos and customize it to your needs. Of course, you will have to pay some fees for removing ads from this app. Though it does not seem such a big problem.

Final Thoughts

As you see, the options are endless. You can connect all your tools in a unified platform for the benefit and convenience of your employees or just use one, the most favorable, tool for your social media marketing campaigns.

If you are equipped with cutting-edge photo editing tools, you will be able to use your creativity to the fullest. Make your social media marketing more effective and influential and enjoy the process and results!