Seasonal Maintenance Tips For Commercial Properties


Upkeep on commercial property can be a lot of work, but one way to help organize maintenance tasks is by season. Instead of randomly picking a day with a large list of projects, you could divide up each task according to the best time during the seasons. Once your maintenance plan is in place it means you’ll have a more manageable list of chores for the best time of the year as well as a blueprint for keeping your property in great shape.

How To Manage Maintenance Seasonally

When beginning to divide up each task by season consider the various times of the year and what time is the best suited for them.  Below are a few examples of maintenance broken down by season for a commercial property.

Spring:  Spring is the best time to remove any dead foliage and tend to the landscaping outside. This may include placing fresh mulch, pressure washing brick surfaces, and washing away any grime from the exterior.

Summer: With the increased heat it’s important to have an efficient and functional HVAC system. Make sure to also look out for pests, as temperatures go up rodents, insects, and other invaders are more active. This makes summer the perfect time to inspect the property and if needed call in a professional exterminator.

Fall: As the temperatures cool down make sure to check that the heat of your building is working and the insulation on your pipes is ready for frigid conditions. Before the winter make sure to also inspect the roof for any leaks, and make sure to rake so there are no slipping hazards.

Winter: During winter it’s essential to remove snow and ice quickly for commercial property owners. It’s also a good time to place a welcome mat to trap some snow and dirt from entering the office and lobby to limit.

Some geographical areas will have different tasks but by organizing which tasks will need to be done throughout the year it will help keep your commercial property in top shape. If you are interested in learning a few more tips to break down tasks by season and create a maintenance schedule for your commercial property, check out the resource below.

Infographic created by Sweep-All