Smart Tips To Make Your Customers And Clients Happy

Making your customers and clients happy is a key to the future success of your business. Happy customers and clients translate to loyal ones. Your business will need loyal customers to assure regular sales and profits. Likewise, making new customers and clients happy will encourage them to use your business. Either way, it is important for your business’s revenue and reputation. For the top smart tips on how to make your customers and clients happy, keep reading. 


Small gestures matter

Small gestures might seem worthless. But, they go a long way. Giving your customer or client a small gesture is more personal and it will make them remember you. 

For instance, giving them thank you cards is a small gesture that means a lot. It will show them how much you appreciate them and be a way to share a personal message. It is important to build good relationships with your customers and clients to make them feel respected and get to know them better. When you know your customers and clients well, you can offer them what they want. A happy customer or client leads to a loyal one. 

Offer great customer service

Great customer service is the key to making customers and clients happy. If you can respond as soon as possible, be friendly, and support their every need, it will be great for your business’s reputation. 

For example, if you are renting your property out on Air Bnb, then you will want to ensure that you offer great customer service. Responding to message requests will satisfy the customer, in the same way, it would a client, and not result in losing their interest. 

To improve your customer service, here are some tips:

  • Be a great listener: being a great listener is a great trait to have as an individual as well as a business. If you can listen to what your customers and clients want, then you will likely be able to fulfil that and make them happy. Likewise, if you listen to them, they will feel respected. Listening to what a customer has to say could help your business improve.
  • Offer live chats: to offer fast response times, you could offer a live chat service on your website. This should offer business hours so that customers and clients know when to expect a response. Live chat service allows a customer to ask a question or chat with a member of the team in live time. They won’t lose interest by having to wait around for weeks for a response. Instead, they can be satisfied with immediate answers. 
  • Be active on social media: similar to offering immediate responses and being available through your website, you should also be active on your social media pages. If you can be communicative and engaging on social media, you will be able to draw plenty of customers and clients in. You don’t necessarily need to be active around the clock. Instead, scheduling posts throughout the day will make it look like you are always online. These posts can be regularly engaged with by new and existing customers. Sharing regular content will grow your reach and make you stand out among the crowd. 

Top tip: You don’t need to be online to always share posts. Instead, you can automate your posts with scheduling apps.

  • Be positive: using positive language will help build trusting relationships. It will help you look understanding, which will resolve customer or clients issues quicker. 
  • Ask for feedback: improving the customer service of your business is much easier if you ask for feedback. You will get to know your strengths and weaknesses by asking for customer and client feedback. They will tell you where you could improve, which will benefit your business and increase your brand reputation. 

Never oversell yourself

When it comes to offering a service or business deal, never oversell yourself. You could shoot yourself in the foot if you over promise and don’t meet expectations. 

Knowing what you can and can’t achieve is powerful. You will be able to fulfill your expectations and never disappoint your customers or clients. You won’t lose out on customers by staying with your limits. Instead, you will satisfy people by fulfilling their expectations. 


Rewards are a great way to make your business customers and clients satisfied. Whether it is a small or a big reward, it will make them feel appreciated and show them that you respect their business. 

For example, you could offer your regular customers a discount. For every ten purchases, you could offer them 20 percent off. This will not only make them happy but encourage them to keep shopping with you to attain the reward. 

Likewise, if you have regular clients for business matters, you could offer them a discount if they can offer you one in return. You will both get a good deal and be satisfied. 

Know every small detail about your company

Your customers and clients might ask random questions from time to time. If you don’t know the answer then you might lose their interest as it will seem that you don’t know your business very well. If you know every small detail about your company, then you will be able to answer every question and appear knowledgeable. 

Whether it’s about losses or gains or small descriptive details about your products, it will help to know every answer so that you can always answer with confidence. If you lack confidence in your business and/or products, then so will your customers. 

Keep in touch 

Losing touch with your customers or clients could result in losing their business. To ensure that they remember you and that you make them feel respected, remember to keep in touch. 

You could keep in touch with clients through regular business calls or meetings. Offering them lunch or coffee will go a long way and show them that you appreciate them. 

Likewise, you could send out regular emails to your customers so that you don’t get lost in the sea of other businesses. In the emails, you could offer discounts, which will satisfy them and likely turn into an increase in sales.