How To Spring Clean Your Social Media Before An Interview

Reputation management has become essential for finding a job. Recruiters used to base their decisions on word of mouth and your resume. Now they have the internet as a tool to research you. All of your social media, from LinkedIn to Facebook can be found with the click of a button.


This may work in your favor if you have a well-crafted image online. On the other hand, it can cost you a job if there is anything unfavorable on these sites. It was reported that 54% of employers have decided not to hire someone based on their social media profiles.


To help you take control of your online image, Panda Security has tips on how to spring clean your social media. Read through for suggestions on how to make your profile desirable to employers as well as secure.


If you have an old profile that would take too long to clean up, you may decide that it’s time to delete it and start fresh. Before doing this, be sure to take note of the data these apps have collected from you and where it goes after they’ve been deleted.


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