Education Leaders Need Leadership Development More Than Ever

Whether you’re a teacher-leader, vice principal, school administrator, or district superintendent—leadership development is more crucial than ever. Where can education leaders find specific resources that address their needs? Look to Concordia University-Portland’s Leadership Development Resources, a section on the College of Education website highlighting useful tools and content that focuses on the challenges facing today’s leaders. You can find guidance for the following and more:

  • Transitioning from teacher to administrative leader.
  • Principals becoming effective instructional coaches.
  • Best ways for district leaders to coach for success.
  • Creating efficient communication strategies.
  • Developing teachers as leaders.
  • Improving teacher efficacy.


If you’re an education professional wanting to finesse your leadership abilities, you should check out the resources shown on the page. To learn more about Concordia Portland, please visit

Elita Torres

I have over 20 years experience as a leader, first as a General Manager for several Big Box retailers with over 100 employees, then as a district manager overseeing an average of 23 stores. Currently, I am a Sales Director overseeing 4 Districts. My passion for leadership and personal development has led me to share my journey in a Blog. Find out more on