How Staff Leasing Works for Your Business

Welcome to the modern age of business, where you don’t only get to rent out offices for daily operations but get into staff leasing, too. Staff leasing is a new way of outsourcing your talents through a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), who can double as an HR or recruitment partner. This can include anything from accounting and administrative work to office management tips.

Even though the concept is similar, outsourcing and staff leasing have different management styles. In the former, the BPO company is in charge of the talents, while with the latter, it’s your responsibility to manage the offshore team. In a way, there’s more collaboration and direction with leased employees.


Businesses today are becoming radical and creative. With dynamic project management cycles and business goals, having more options to scale your company in a way that fits your culture, budget, and management style is essential. Learn more about the basics of how staff leasing works and how it can benefit your company in the infographic below.

staff leasing benefits