The 10 Secrets to Cultivate an Engaged Workforce


Employee Engagement is a proven technique that can help organizations maximize their productivity and climb the ladders of success. Thus, aspiring employers like you, from across the globe, always find themselves brooding over ways to establish a culture of absolute employee engagement in their organization. This article will serve as a beacon in helping you unravel 10 secrets to cultivate an engaged workforce.

1.               Hiring passionate employees:

Passion is always followed by absolute engagement in work. This is because when your employees are passionate about their work, they bubble up with the spirit of leaving no stone unturned in ensuring absolute perfection in everything they do. Thus, you can successfully establish a work culture of engaged employees by hiring them as per their motivational fit. You can easily identify a passionate employee, right during the interview session from the passion beaming through his eyes. Along with this, his words also radiate the enthusiasm to work and flourish in his career, while ensuring the best for his organization. Thus, it is important for you to make passion the sole basis of your recruitment procedure.

2.                Fueling their passion by suiting them well:

The more passionate your employees, the higher is their engagement in work. You can fuel your employees’ passion for working for your organization by suiting them well. This implies that you should always strive to provide your employees with the salary packages they deserve. Along with this, you should always take care of providing your employees with desired salary increments, perks and other benefits, in accordance with the improvement in their performance. By doing so, you can keep your employees working dedicatedly towards yielding best results for your organization.

3.               Earning loyalty by treating them humanly:

Earning your employees’ loyalty is a great way to promote their engagement in work. This is because loyal employees believe in staying with your organization and their only vision for growth is by supporting your company’s overall growth. Thus, they are always concentrated on devising ways to help your organization beat the competition and establish it at the top in the market. Further, treating your employees humanly is the best way to earn their loyalty towards your organization. By human treatment, it doesn’t mean to simply provide your employees with the basic requirements such as a clean workplace, proper drinking water and washrooms. Instead, human treatment involves taking care of your employees’ greater needs of being valued and belonging to the organization.

4.               Introducing flexibility in working:

As with the changing times, everything demands a change and so do the working strategies of your organizations. No doubt, rigid and strict working hours served the need once, but now, there is a greater need for employers like you, to shift to the new culture of working with flexibility. This is because with the changing times, our way of living has also changed, as a result of which all of us, including your employees have much greater responsibilities to shoulder both at the household as well as the work front. A rigid work schedule often acts as a hindrance for your employees to find the much desired work-life balance and thus, hampers their engagement in work. This clearly highlights the importance of introducing flexibility in working for the accomplishment of your goal of cultivating an engaged workforce.

5.               Exchanging constructive feedback:

Providing your feedback to your employees has been a part of the business culture for a long time, but now there is a need for employers like you to shift to a more holistic approach towards the feedback mechanism. The new approach considers feedback as being a two- way mechanism, rather than being unidirectional in nature. This implies that as employers, you should not only give your constructive feedback to your employees but you should also seek to receive valuable feedback from your employees. By doing so, you can keep a close check on the problems and issues which are bothering your employees, and thus, impacting their performance at work. It is with this awareness that you can develop strategies to eradicate such bothersome things, and restore your employees’ productivity and engagement at work.

6.               Appreciating them for the efforts they put in:

Appreciation is a tool of great power which can work wonders in enhancing your employees’ engagement in work. This is because a few words of your appreciation can charge your employees to perform in an ever better manner. Along with using words of appreciation, you can also extend rewards such as movie tickets, family lunch coupons and vacation vouchers to your employees. All these are ways through which you can give recognition to your employees’ contribution towards your organization and make them feel valued. This way, you can feel your employees’ engagement in work, by making them feel valued by appreciating their good work.

7.               Promoting a culture of Collaborative working:

Promoting a culture of collaborative working is a great way to give a significant boost to your employees’ engrossment in work. This is because sessions of collaborative working are a perfect blend of insightful discussions, combating challenges in grave moments and humor. All these things, together, enhance your employees’ involvement in the assigned tasks. As a result, they display enhanced dedication and devotion towards work. Moreover, working in teams, leads to the division of workload between your employees and prevents them from feeling burnt out. Therefore, a collaborative work culture promotes employee engagement by enhancing your employees’ involvement in work along with safeguarding them from workplace stress.

8.               Establishing a cordial work culture:

A cordial and optimistic work culture can give a significant boost to your employees’ engagement in work, whereas a pessimistic and monotonous work culture can eat away at their spirit to work. Thus, it is extremely important for you to ensure the establishment of a cordial work culture in your organization. This can be done best by strengthening the relationships between your employees. Having lunch together, planning weekly gaming sessions and monthly outings are some ways through which you can successfully strengthen the relationships between your employees.

9.               Celebrating their special days in a special manner:

All of us feel special when we receive warm greetings from our near and dear ones on our special days and so do your employees. Furthermore, by making your employees feel special, you can enhance their emotional connectedness towards your organization, which works wonders in promoting their engagement in work. Thus, it is extremely important for you to celebrate your employees’ special days in a special manner. This can be done by cutting a cake, holding a tiny get together in office and extending a token of love to your employees.

10.   Investing in your employees:

This is another secret to keep your employees engaged in serving your organization with the best. It involves investing in your employees by providing proper training and higher education opportunities. By doing so, you not only polish your employees’ skills but also make them feel as if they are valued possessions of your organization. Both these things together, serve as effective aids in promoting your employees’ engrossment in work. Therefore, you can succeed in your endeavor of cultivating an engaged workforce by investing in your employees.

To conclude, the above-mentioned secrets are keys through which you can unlock the doors to establishing a work culture of absolute employee engagement in your organization.