The Illustrated Guide to Spanish Wines

The Illustrated Guide to Spanish Wines-02

If you’re an avid drinker of wine, then there’s no doubt you love exploring different kinds, bottles, and brands to broaden your palate. It can be such a refreshing experience to taste test wine, as each has distinct compositions that you can easily pair with meals—and even enjoy on its own.

Before you grab the next bottle to add in your collection, why not do a bit more research to get to know your drink better? Learning about their origin is just as fascinating as pouring yourself a glass and taking a sip. This is perfect if you are a beginner too, and you’re just starting to get into wines and have no idea where to start.

The Basics of Spanish Wines

In the infographic below, wines from Spain are the stars of the show. It’s handy to know the basics of Spanish wine, as the country ranks as the third-largest producer in the world of said alcoholic beverage. In Spain alone, you will find many regions that all have their take at cultivating and running their wineries, resulting in an array of possibilities. This is also thanks to the geography and climate of Spain.

Plus, because the country is such a prominent winemaker, Spanish wines are mostly available and accessible worldwide at a more affordable price point. There is no need for you to break the bank or search the ends of the earth to get ahold of samples from famous brands. This experience can help aid you in discovering what type of wine you like.

So, if you’re up for learning something new today, scroll down to the infographic below. It features different tasting notes, origin, description, and price range of some of the Spanish wines that you must try, along with fun facts. Enjoy your virtual Spanish tour—via wine!

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