Things you Can Do to Attract Top Talent

Companies often make the mistake of thinking that top talent will automatically be interested in their position if their job offer is good enough, particularly if you are looking for someone for a top-level position such as an executive.  In a competitive world – it can be difficult to find the right person to fit in with your culture – and sometimes you need to do a bit of courting yourself.  Here we list some of the things you can do to attract top talent.

Find a Good Recruitment Agency

An executive staffing agency will sit down with you, find out what your requirements are, and look for suitable candidates. Likely, they will already have a portfolio of potential matches for you.  They will also sift through the CVs and vet the references of any potential candidates they have headhunted on your behalf.  An executive search firm will save you a lot of time, and potentially money when you factor in the resource level required to recruit.

Have Good Staff Benefits and Perks

Good salaries are no longer all you need to attract top talent you need to offer more.  This could be standard perks such as pension packages – or else you could be more innovative in your approach.  This could include days off for charity work, a day off for employee birthday – or even a cash vacation allowance.  Lots of companies are also placing a large focus on health and wellbeing and have been introducing things like mindfulness sessions, or for employees the facility to have access to a yoga teacher or a life coach.

Make Sure you Leave a Digital Footprint

One of the first things that people will do when researching a role at a company is to look online and on their social media channels. Make sure you regularly update these channels to give prospective candidates a sense of who you are as a company and your culture.  It could be that you post events that you have attended, publications you have been featured in – or simply celebrating an achievement of a member of your team.  This can help you on the way to attracting the correct talent.

Create a Solid Selection Process

Companies often make the mistake of not preparing their interview process correctly.  Although if you use an executive staffing agency, they will give them initial interviews for screening – of course, you will need to do this too before recruiting.  You need to follow the same interview process for all candidates to give them a fair chance, and then perhaps look at implementing a scoring system to allow you to make an objective decision.  You should also make sure you don’t leave it too long before letting the successful candidate know – you never know they could be snapped up by someone else.

If you are looking to recruit a new team member of a senior level, make sure you look into attracting top talent.