Tips for Designing Easy-to-Read Product Labels

Tips for Designing Easy-to-Read Product Labels

Customers rely on product labels to provide information regarding a product’s purpose, content, and safety. However, customers can struggle to read and understand labels when they include wacky fonts or low-resolution printing.

Not only is having hard-to-read labels dangerous for customers, but it’s also a poor reflection of your brand. In this article, we’ll share essential tips for designing easy-to-read product labels.

Keep Your Fonts Simple

One of the most common mistakes brands make when designing their product labels is choosing a hard-to-read font. Choosing simplistic, modern fonts that are easily recognizable and legible will prevent this issue. 

Rather than relying on unfamiliar fonts to distinguish products, businesses should use colors to help merchandise stand out on shelves. 

Use Colors to Your Advantage

Don’t overlook how colors can make your labels easier to read. For example, businesses can use brighter colors to indicate safety hazards, allergen warnings, or other pertinent information to alert consumers.

Tips for Choosing Label and Packaging Colors

Combining highly complementary colors can also help make reading labels more straightforward for customers. For example, while white text may be challenging to read against pink backgrounds, black text is simpler to comprehend when paired with sage green labels.

Consider Spacing

When your products require multiple, detailed labels, your brand’s packaging can ultimately look crammed with illustrations and information. Companies can avoid cramped product packaging by utilizing specialty labels.

Specialty labels allow companies to print information concisely on different label designs. For example, fold-out labels are ideal for including extensive product information.

The Best Specialty Labels To Improve Packaging

Here are some specialty labels to consider including on your product packages:

  • Fold-out labels
  • Dry peel labels
  • Expandable labels
  • Reseal labels

Invest in a High-Quality Label Printer

Perhaps the most critical tip for designing easy-to-read product labels is to invest in an industrial label printer. When companies use standard printers to create labels, their packaging often has a lower resolution and quality.

A low-resolution printer can easily ruin information, illustrations, and other label details. Avoid these technical issues and low-quality labels by investing in an industrial label printer for professional-looking labels.

Regardless of your product, brand logo, or digital marketing strategy, merchandise with hard-to-read labels will negatively affect your company’s brand. So, before you design custom labels for your business, consider how you adorn your packaging with these tips in mind.