Tips From eCommerce Retailers For Staying In Business During The Pandemic


Let’s not beat around the bush here – times are hard now, but they won’t last forever. Staying in business, overcoming these hard times won’t be easy, but trust us, you will get over with. For this reason, we suggest you read the article below. Here you can find tips and tricks, a good deal of advice on how and what you can do to get your company not only out of the red but also achieving greater success and stability than before.

Do Digital Better

The Pandemic has shown just how important going digital is. Of course, as an eCommerce store, you probably have a solid handle on this. Tragically, you can’t really afford “solid” right now. You need to aim for excellence.

Look for a way to improve. Are you connected to a POS system? Is your social media up to par? What about your website, your hosting, your loading speeds? Are you doing complete digital marketing, or just procrastinating on this marketing system? 

Do you have the means and the options to start an app? If so, why not go into this direction? An app can help you stand and get better results, as well as allowing you another, smaller, marketing platform to get your name out. Regularly customers will also appreciate it.

This can also include how you do your job your projects. Namely, consider investing a great deal into remote work. Study what options and software are out there, and act accordingly. Organizing your teams properly, find a way to maximize the results they can get by working from home. It’s much better to invest your time, energy, and money into solving this issue, rather than taking a break and letting your business coast.

Try to be a bit more creative

You can still drive sales if you stick to the right messages and takes. You need to position your brand in a different, creative way. We suggest you start by observing the new economic landscape and moving from there.

For example, people might focus more on stability, on the need to pass things down. Promoting products as heirlooms, as things that are to be passed on from one generation to another, that is what can give you the best results. Or, using terminology that is related, or equals, insurance, protection, groundedness…

Finally, market to people who you know has money at the moment. People who are willing, and able, to spend during these times.

Go lean

You want to run a leaner business, a business that lets you do your job, no matter what the external circumstances are. You need to cut unnecessary costs, not only because of saving money (which you can invest in other areas), but also to greatly increase efficiency. Cut programs you don’t need, but also try to reduce mediator and middle management tasks. Keep channels open and direct, minimize any and all interlocutory conversations.

Or, going lean can also mean the opposite. It can mean you outsource some of your work, like getting your logistical needs met with a good national warehousing deal, or dropping your inhouse attorneys and going with a private company. Going lean means spending money to make more money by making your life easier.

Diversify your channels

Another thing you can do is diversify your channels. Attack the market from every angle, see what is the greatest level of control you can get. This, of course, means, becoming more transparent, and experimenting with different approaches.

Stick to email outreach, but also invest in your brand. If there are some avenues you haven’t explored, like social media, for example, you need to get on board as quickly as possible.

See of you can set up a couple of new websites that can run on their own, and that sell specialized equipment. Instead of having a general store, why not invest in getting several websites that deal with tech products, or some that deal with sports equipment and athletic wear. Maybe you want something for the girls and one only for the guys. Or perhaps you can sequester your work by generations, having a website for goods for millennials, and another for baby boomers.

It’s all about customer relationships

You can never go wrong with building strong customer relations. Having steady, loyal customers is key to your success. Furthermore, its great dependant on the quality of service you provide, and the fact that your customers can trust you. Never forget that in these trying times, people are searching for stability, comfort, and integrity. You need to epitomize every single one of these traits.

So, give the best possible service to all your customers. Treat them properly, try to answer all emails and questions personally. If you can’t handle it all, keep your eyes on your technical support section, and be certain you are providing them with the best possible equipment, resources, and care. 

This is also a big piece of your brand. The way you brand yourself as an employer, and as a service and product provider, can mean the difference between bankruptcy and success.


Times are hard, but with the right mindset, you can overcome them. Think and analyze, go through your business systems with a fine-toothed comb. Rethink the way you do customer relationships. Create a stronger safety net once you get money going in. Try to keep your business as lean as possible, and work on maximizing creativity.