5 Smart Tactics To Improve Your Employer Branding In 2020


There is no denying that the global job market is becoming more competitive and complex with each passing year, for the employee and the employers alike. While the job-seekers have to go above and beyond to dazzle their interviewers to land the job, the employer also needs to invest heavily in building a compelling brand identity that will attract the top talent in the industry and inspire experienced professionals to line up for the interview. Needless to say, this is difficult to achieve when you consider the fact that job-seekers have more opportunities than ever before, and those competing companies will do whatever they can to snag the best of the best for themselves.

You could try to lure them in with promises of high salaries and bonuses, but you probably know by now that money is not the only thing that the modern employee is after. Your goal should instead be to increase brand awareness, create a thriving culture, and give them numerous reasons to choose you instead of your competitors. Let’s take a look at the smartest tactics you can employ to achieve this goal.

Build a thriving company culture


The modern employee has a whole list of checkboxes that their potential employer needs to tick for them to consider accepting the job. This should come as no surprise, as managing the millennial generation in the workplace is a complex and challenging task, one that can reap substantial rewards if you respect the needs of this new generation of professionals. If you nurture your employees, and more importantly, if you focus on building a positive workplace culture, you will achieve your long-term business goals.

But before that, you have to inspire them to join your ranks. This is where your brand culture comes into play because the millennial employee needs and wants to become a part of a company that stands up for the same causes, values, and morals. What’s more, you have to build your company culture on the foundation of equality, transparency, honesty, communication, accountability, and collaboration to attract the top talent in your field.

Elevate your image with honest reviews

The web can be a scary place, especially for companies trying to improve their image and build a strong employer brand without coming off as overly aggressive or like they are fabricating reviews, testimonials, and online opinions in general. That said, you shouldn’t wait around for the online world to form an opinion of your brand either, so you have to be careful how you handle this next step.

Reviews and testimonials are important for your image as a whole, and especially when it comes to attracting the best employees around. People will research you online before applying for a position, so you have to make sure that you have positive reviews on all relevant platforms. You can do this by encouraging existing employees to share their opinion on forums and social media, but you can also invite candidates to talk with your team members and organize online meetups to give them a glance into the culture of your brand.

Focus on workplace safety and employee well-being


No matter the industry or the niche, a potential employee needs assurance that the workplace is safe and that you as the employer will focus on their long-term well-being above all else. This is how you can create a trustworthy image and show the world that your company puts people above profits.

This is especially important now that employees can easily find a reputable compensation lawyer to handle their case should they suffer an injury at work, both of which you want to avoid if you are to avoid putting your brand’s reputation in jeopardy. Strive to prevent any work-related accidents, show potential employees that their well-being comes first, and you will attract more candidates to your doorstep.

Promote your employer brand through content marketing

Digital marketing is the driving force behind success in the modern business world, and content marketing is one of the best ways to get your message across quickly and effectively. If your goal is to build an image of a trustworthy employer brand, then you should publish quality content on your site and other online platforms that delves deep into the subject of why you are the right choice. Be sure to mix lengthy articles with employee opinion pieces, and if you have a good relationship with several employees who moved on, ask them if they would write something for your online audience – after all, there’s nothing more convincing than an opinion from a past employee.

Optimize your HR, recruiting, and onboarding processes


And finally, remember that people will form an opinion of you based on how efficient and effective your internal processes are. This should come as no surprise because no one wants to work for a company that loses applications, fails to respond to emails, still uses traditional offline recruiting methods, or doesn’t focus on the candidate’s experience as a whole. With that in mind, be sure to optimize your HR processes, integrate recruiting software, update your interview strategy, and above all, make the onboarding process as stress-free as possible for the new employees.

Wrapping up

Companies can no longer hope to attract quality candidates just by posting a job opening online. Instead, you have to go several steps further to create a truly compelling employer brand that will inspire and incentivize the best applicants to reach out, become a part of your team, and help take your company forward. There are some great branding agencies in San Franciso that can even help you achieve your goals quicker