How to Increase Traffic with Highly Shareable Content


Let’s start by disillusioning a few people out there: your product will not make people visit your site in droves, at least not at the beginning. The reason is simple – you first need to interest them into learning more about your offer and the perfect way to do it is by skillfully creating content that they will share and therefore attract more people.


So, let’s consider the whole matter of highly shareable content and what it can do for your business.

Learn what’s popular





The first step to creating highly shareable content that would take your traffic through the roof is to actually find out what your audience wants to share. You need to learn as much as you can about your audience but also any element you decide to incorporate has to be in accordance with your brand identity.


What’s important is to create a balance between the trendy content and where you stand as a brand. Otherwise, you might push your audience away because you would seem inconsistent and as if you are trying too hard. So, turn to analytics to learn what the hot topics and formats are and assess which of them could be a good fit for your marketing efforts.

Incorporate storytelling

Storytelling has become a highly sought-after element due to the fact that this hectic digital world is often devoid of emotions. If written artfully, stories can motivate you to feel sadness, sympathy, joy, but most importantly, they move you and prompt you to contemplate them, and consequently, share them.


Effective storytelling relies on originality but it is simpler than it seems because all you need to do is to make your brand a source of inspiration and you will find all the unique details that you need. Also, if you combine trending social topics with a strong narrative, you will deepen the bond that you have with your customers. As businesses grow and their profits increases, one thing they need to strongly hold on to is the initial mission and passion to keep that bond.

Leverage visual content



When you open a website or a blog, would you first notice a long text or an interesting image? Your eyes would surely travel towards the visual element because it draws attention which makes it a convenient tool in marketing. However, traditional elements such as images and videos aren’t the only visuals you can use to boost sharing.


Businesses have started experimenting more with infographics because they allow you to visually present any information you wish in an easy-to-understand manner. The trick is to get both the copyright and the visual design to maximize the effect on the audience. Lacking relevant experience, many businesses rather choose to hire an external team, as experts from Infostarters, to transform their text to a bite-sized work of art. This is how they can get any type of data circulating and attract more audiences.

Embrace user-generated content



When users get creative and include your products or brand in their photos, videos or other types of content, it would be wise to show your appreciation for their effort. By sharing the content they created, you send a clear message to that user and to other followers across social media channels (where this usually takes place) that you honestly care about their opinions and that you respect them.


This will make more of them create user-generated content related to your brand and you will have produced highly shareable content without being directly involved. If those individuals are influencers, then you are in even more luck because those posts together with your other ones will be shared between even more people.

Enchant them with mighty headlines


Enchant them with mighty headlines

As you have probably had the chance to notice by looking at the bounce rates, you have but a few seconds to catch the attention of your audience. Being written in bold big letters, the headline of your text is the first thing they see, so you better make it stand out.


You need to make it seem like the audience really needs to know about what you are writing (e.g. 7 tips you need to know) but also for it to be relevant in the sense of current trends. It goes without saying that using a situation that happened a few months ago but which was not that relevant will not get you anywhere. Also, you need to be specific as you can in the title and although that might attract a smaller audience, they will be more enticed to read the entire text and share the content.

Final thoughts

When trying to wrap your head around what content has the potential to be shared frequently, the point is not for your brand to be just like any other. So, the recipe is to leverage popular topics and formats to attract traffic to your website but ensure every trendy piece of content you create has your brand written all over it.