Understand and Plan In-Home Care For Your Aging Loved Ones with Dementia

This blog post is to help family members and relatives understand primary considerations for supporting taking care of aging loved ones with Alzheimer’s or Dementia in a quality, stable, smooth, and budget-friendly manner. 

When you plan for Hospital to Home Care services for your loved one with Dementia, you need to know first the basics: 

  1. Understand the condition of your loved one as well as possible: 

For instance, how long has your loved one had Dementia or Alzheimer’s? Both are cognitive decline disorders and show themselves and develop differently. It is essential to know the impact of these conditions on the personality and behaviors of your loved one. Is the memory of your loved one weakened? Can they still interact during social events? Do they recall their life from 1 month ago versus one year versus five years ago? 

  1. Chronic conditions adding to Alzheimer’s or Dementia – 

According to a study, 95% of people with Alzheimer’s have one or two or more chronic conditions. 38% of the population with Alzheimer’s also have heart disease, and 37% belong to people with diabetes. It is crucial to recognize the development of each chronic condition in addition to the cognitive disorders. Many of these contexts are vital in having balanced physical and mental wellness. In addition, the family members must know the medication and diet intake related to the chronic conditions. 


  1. The more you get to know the situation of your loved one, the more likely our in-home caregiver can customize and apply the necessary care for your loved one- we use the best practice approach. From the point of view of individuals with Dementia, quality in-home care includes live-care techniques that address their specific needs and experiences, contrary to the one size fits all method. 

Get an In-Home Care Plan for Loved One Living with Alzheimer’s or Dementia:

  1. A professional in-home caregiver will work with you to help you create a customized care plan balancing the needs and experiences of your loved one. The expert in-home care provider supports the needs of your loved one based on your daily or weekly basis and your specific budget. 
  1. Looking after a person with Alzheimer’s or Dementia is NOT using the same skill with others. When you compare in-home care providers; more than the costs, it is vital to know the experiences and abilities of the in-home care company and the caregivers. 
  1. For instance, Senior Buddies try not to send any caregiver with less than a decade of hands-on caregiving experience, especially if the case is a loved one with Dementia. Because long hands-on experience and expertise on the said condition are highly needed and tremendously important. 

To give the best care to loved ones with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, we follow a few principles to make sure we provide them safe and compassionate in-home care: 

  • We know our clients very well. 
  • Let them maximize their independence, if possible, without compromising the safety of your loved one.
  • Our caregivers are patient and compassionate.
  • Create a customized care plan to meet the unique preferences and needs of your loved one. 
  • Adjust the in-home care approach to consider daily needs, such as physical exercises, mental stimulation using games and puzzles, and other abilities. 
  • Give social engagements opportunities that have personal purpose and meaning. 
  • Make sure to work closely with other care providers- both family members and professional in-home caregivers that give hands-on care after hours. 
  • Develop a safe and secure environment that shows the characteristics, personality, and choices of the person.
  1. Cost and Time– It is essential  to consider the budget and how they can maximize care by hiring an expert care specialist and the ability of your family to support your loved one. For instance, some clients want to maximize their money by concentrating on the help of expert help for 4 hours while staying within the budget. Yet, even a 4-hourly schedule needs a customized care plan whether your loved one needs a morning walk or needs to meet someone or play board games in the afternoon after lunch. Furthermore, some families want their caregivers to look after their loved ones in the evenings and not in the days. 

In our experience and expertise, adding a positive intent and compassionate service can make the in-home care reliable and successful. Also, upfront planning with proper coordination with the in-home care provider can make the life of your loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia better and more meaningful. It is especially critical since the cognitive disorders are both progressive and develop individually and in a different journey for your aging loved one. Trusting professionals like Senior Buddies that have helped many families with Dementia in Dallas for many years will assist you in accessing the experience and expertise of our in-home caregivers. We develop a plan that is personalized for the specific needs of your loved ones. Our lines are always available to discuss your specific needs and preferences. We hope this blog post helps you decide the care for your loved one. For more details about in-home care services, visit our website or call us now!