Top 3 Services Best Inc Offers That You Might Not Know

Are you running a full-fledged electronics company in Chicago or any other part of the world for that matter? Are you finding it cumbersome to coordinate with three different companies for three different jobs? Is that affecting your bottom line, and are you looking for a solution? We can provide you one if you are ready not to give up while reading this blog post. Best Inc is a market-leading electronics company based out of Chicago, Illinois, that offers solder training, PCB reworks/repair, BGA re-balling, and products distribution services for most of your needs like electronic assemblies’ rework/repair, and many more services.

In short, Best Inc can serve as your one-stop shop for scores of technical needs such as hand-soldering training, electronic components purchase, and PCB rework and repair. Once you get in touch with them, they will eliminate the need to collaborate with multiple electronic companies every time to meet your occupational needs. 

Now, let’s see what key services do Best Inc provides:

1. PCB services 

If you are one of those companies that manufacture smartphones, laptops, tablets, or other similar devices, you would likely be getting service or repair requests from myriads of customers every day. If you have a separate department for that, it would be easy for you to examine every problem closely and address them. But if you don’t, you need a trusted outsourced partner to help you repair the problematic products and return them to their original owner as soon as possible. That’s where Best company can help you deliver the best customer experience while taking care of the quality of the job at the same time. 

Apart from that, even if you have an in-house repair and rework department to restore the electronic items to the normal working condition, the outsourced expenses would easily outperform your overhead costs. It is the main reason giant tech and electronic companies choose BEST for their unmatched services and satisfaction rate. 

A few of the examples of PCB repair and rework jobs that BEST performs are:

A. SMT Pads, Traces 

B. Laminate and Mask Repair 

C. Multi-layer repair 

D. SMT repair 

E. Edge connectors 

F. Jumpers, wires 

G. Plated Thru-Hole 

H. BGA Re-balling 

I. Flip Chip 

J. Pin Grid Arrays 

K. Connectors 

2. Solder training and certification

If you are rivals with smaller versions of Motorola, Nokia, Flextronics, or Erricson, your technical employees need proper solder training for producing quality PCB assemblies. Even if they are already certified in hand soldering, you must not forget that their certificate is valid only for two years. After that, you need to recertify your operators, technicians, and engineers in soldering techniques so that they can meet the quality requirements of your client company. 

At Best, you will get certified master IPC Training and solder certification courses to train your concerned staff for various standards like IPC-A-610, IPC-A-600, IPC-J-STD-001, IPC/WHMA-A-620, and many more. Since these training sessions are pretty beneficial for their performance at the workplace, they will also help them improve the quality of electronic products that come out of your facility. Not just that, if you receive frequent complaints from customers for offering least-lasting items, this training will improve their job quality, efficiency and reduce time consumption in each assembly at the end of the day. 

Thus, with a good product, you can form a great impression of your brand in the market, earn more customers’ loyalty, and attract more electronic companies to work with you. Besides that, it will help you reduce additional expenses on fixing the same electronic device multiple times and increase the profitability down the line. 

3. Essential products sale to carry out PCB repair/rework jobs 

Though BEST guarantees to provide you the highest quality of service every time you approach them for PCB repair/rework jobs, there are instances when you would want to carry out these tasks yourself. That’s where you can tie up with BEST to get superior quality electronic components like an epoxy repair kit, pad repair kit, gold replating kit, through-hole repair, heatshields, and many more. 

Not only that, even if you want to print bare circuit boards with precision, you can order metal SMT stencils, framed stencils, frameless stencils, and prototype stencils from their site. If that’s not all, you can also check out other inventories in their store, such as solder training kits, rework stencils, BGA stencils, IPC materials, and the rest. 


I hope you now know how to improve your bottom line by leveraging the different services offered by BEST. If you have any queries or questions associated with their offerings, don’t forget they are just a call away. Explain to their representatives the challenges you are going through right now and whether you expect them to provide you a customized solution for the same, ok?