Why You Should Opt for IPC Online Training?


Time away from the rework technicians or the manufacturing floor for production is an opportunity cost that is not quickly recouped. With the same mindset, any technical training is done onsite, or even offsite are observed as a waste of time, not repair depot results or maintain manufacturing. So, several pieces of training have moved on the web, and solder training is not untouched by it. 

The best IPC online training and other electronic certifications can meet today’s industry needs.

Different types of electronic manufacturing certifications can be classified into two different categories. The first is termed “discrimination” background or specification training, and the second would be termed “hand skills training.”

Know the benefits of hiring IPC certified experts

There are timeless benefits of IPC online training and certifying employees remain the same – cost reduction, quality job, enhanced cross channel communication, and consistent products. This is the base value and core of IPC online training. 

Do you know there are more than 3000 employees works with IPC worldwide? Its associated members incorporate organizations working in distinct domains, assembly companies, suppliers, designers, original equipment manufacturing companies, and board manufacturers. 

As a PCB and circuit board manufacturer, what means for you is that the certification and training offer knowledge, skills, and understanding required to improve your business growth in the electronic industry/

Here are some of the benefits of hiring IPC trained and certified professionals:

1. Increasing demand for PCB

Demand for consumer electronics is increasing every day. The manufacturing of different electronic devices is increasing parallelly the demand for PCB used in these devices is increasing. Not only big items, but the demand for wearable devices like smart-watches is on a speedy track. 

People use such devices even during their workouts and running on the trade-mill. Offices and homes required network devices, laptops, monitors, and computers. Additionally, more people today shop online, they use electronic devices that suit their lifestyles.

Manufacturing, integration, and assembly of all the in-demand tech will increase faster in the coming years as more people opt to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, all such remote techs will need high-quality electronic inspection and soldering skills, which an IPC online training can help you, meet these tech needs.

2. Assurance of Quality

When soldering experts complete their online training courses like IPC J-STD-001, they approve their skills and knowledge. After completing their training program, the trainees get IPC certificates, which show their soldering skills for a long time. 

More importantly, you can show your certification to the employers to assure your knowledge and skills about the modern IPC standards of quality. Therefore, certified professionals get a lot of chances from top-paying organizations.

3. Huge support and funding from Government for manufacturing and research

The US government provides huge support to the electronic manufacturing and research industry. In the recent time of pandemic US, congress passed the National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA). The main motto of NDAA is to empower US semiconductor and electronic manufacturing in research by starting federal investments and federal grand programs in electronic manufacturing and research. 

Additionally, NDAA incorporates IPC-supported measures to manage a robust and stable supply chain by enabling the private sector to offer an increasing percentage of assemblies and printed circuit boards to the US defense systems.

4. Benefits to Circuit Board Manufacturing Organizations

By hiring highly trained and certified soldering experts at organizations can offer a lot of benefits. Even they can have their team of soldering professionals to fulfill dedicated manufacturing needs in the organization. Having a skilled workforce is also good to make decent Public Relations.

According to this Institute for Supply Management (ISM), a follow-up survey released on July 20, 2020, 76 % of the respondents reported reducing their revenue targets by an average of 23 %. The same study reveals that a staggering 81 % of respondents reported decreased demand for their products by an average of 15 %.

Manufacturing and research organizations can also attract their clients by offering high-quality products developed by certified professionals. Trained professionals always follow the quality standards and provide industry-specific and durable soldering solutions. 

Additionally, electronic manufacturing and research organizations can quickly meet the needs of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer). If you have certified professionals in your electronic organization, you can grow your business and increase revenue effortlessly.

Take Away

IPC online training and certification are ongoing processes even during the pandemic; it has not stopped anywhere. The value of hiring certified employees never changes. Professional institutes of IPC online training provide virtual IPC training for CIT, CSE, and CIS certifications. 

For trainees, it becomes easier to get a high-paying job with an IPC certification. Having an IPC certification is a secured investment in the future and will trend faster in the electronics manufacturing industry.