Top 7 Ways to Use Branded Products

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Branded products can help companies develop and get noticed. They are also great when used as employee incentives and can help with business retention. There are many reasons why you should use promotional items, here are 7 effective ways to elevate your business with branded products.

Trade Shows

Trade shows and corporate events are the best places to network with potential consumers while keeping an eye on the competition. Be engaging by handing out branded products that people actually want to keep. Opt for products that are memorable, useful, and durable. This online swag store has a range of products to choose from and can help you select the best promotional items for your company.

In-store Swag

To promote an event or a scheme, intrigue potential buyers by distributing items. Put together a branded package and entice consumers. Invest in branded custom packaging to showcase the good sides of your brand fully. First impressions are lasting, so you want to leave a positive mark on people’s minds. You must pull out all the stops to grab people’s attention and make your brand unforgettable. When it comes to freebies by the cash register, think of high-quality pens and eye-catching bookmarks that paying customers can actually use at home.

Gift Your Key Clients

Giving your key clients a personalized gift lets them know that you value their business. Choose durable items they will use every day such as a handy, BPA-free water bottle or a customized lunch bag. Your clients may not put much thought into purchasing these types of items in general, but they will appreciate your practical gifts, nonetheless.

Direct Mail Campaign

When it comes to reaching out and retaining repeat customers, using branded products in your direct mail campaign is an effective strategy. Calendars and notepads are useful items for the office, while multipurpose keychains and microfiber cleaning cloths are good all-rounders. Gifting samples of new products to loyal customers can give them a sense of exclusivity. It can also open up a dialogue with your customers and enables you to gather valuable feedback before officially releasing the product.

Fundraising Events

Use branded promotional items to stylize a fundraising event and make your company stand out. Large, branded flags and eye-catching banners can be used time and again, as well as get your brand noticed by more people. Everyone loves a freebie, so to make the event even more memorable hand out goodie bags filled with branded products.

Good Employee Relations

Provide new employees with branded products, such as clothing, accessories, and office supplies, to welcome them to the team. Offering employees useful items that they will use on the job can help get the ball rolling. Providing them with practical freebies also means that they will not have to spend their own cash on everyday items.

Promotional items can also include awards and badges to signify a job well done and branded gifts to thank dedicated employees. These gifts could include technology, lavish hampers, and even branded watches. Offering gifts to well-deserved staff gives them something extra to work towards and can increase job satisfaction. In turn, this can lead to higher levels of productivity.

Seasonal Marketing

Take advantage of the plethora of holidays and create branded products for seasonal marketing campaigns. From edible, sweet treats in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day to USB fans for the summer, there are many different ways you can stand out with promotional products.