Top Ways to Motivate Your Staff

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Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

In business, it is so important to have staff that are motivated and wanting to work. They are the integral cog to your company, and therefore you want them to do as well as possible and feel happy under your leadership. You could have the best staff in the world, but if they feel unappreciated and unmotivated, not only are you likely to not get their best work, but they are also unlikely to stick around. You want your workplace to be a friendly, hardworking, and inspirational place to be; after all, your employees spend more time there than they do at home. If you are looking for some inspiration to improve, here are some top tips to motivate your staff.

1)  Provide a nice workspace

You want your staff to want to come into work every day, and one such way to do that is to make it a nice place for them to be. Have a dedicated staff room or space in the kitchen where they can chill on their breaks and discourage them from eating lunch at their desks. You don’t need to do anything as drastic as providing a pool table or nap pods, (however we’re sure there wouldn’t be complaints if you did!) simply provide them with a nice and airy office, a good desk space and a nice atmosphere. 

2) Be a good manager

The best managers are approachable yet also aspirational. You want your employees to see that you work very hard too (no employee wants to feel they pick up all the slack and their manager doesn’t do anything!) Yet you also want them to be able to talk to you if they have any problems, concerns, or questions. It is important for you to give clear direction, honesty, and for your employees to have respect for you. Be sure to invest in their futures at the company too, and if they want to go on a course or training, send them. Coach them for any exams they might have to take (such as ) and be there to support them as they grow and improve.

3) Offer rewards to your staff

Everyone loves a reward, and it is a great way to get your employees motivated. There are many things you can offer rewards for, from hitting targets to completing a campaign or just for putting in extra hard work. Rewards don’t need to be anything too fancy or over the top; it could be as simple as a voucher for a shop, a Friday afternoon off, or a bottle of fizz. These small gestures will give your staff members a reason to work harder and something to aim for.

4) Praise your employees

Praise can go a long way. If your employees feel they are doing a lot of hard work and it is not being appreciated or recognized, they will feel reluctant to do it again. If you recognize this work they have put in, they will feel proud and want to do the same for you in the future. By simply giving them a call, praising them in the next staff meeting, or sending them a reward, they will feel valued and much more motivated.

These are just a few ways to motivate your staff. Remember that your employees are vital for your business, and without them, you would find the job a lot harder!