The Unexpected Ways A Clean Desk Policy Can Clean Up Your Business

A clean desk policy is what it says on the tin. It literally means that every member of your team has to keep a clean desk at all times. Many managers are now implementing this method. Some are even complimenting it with choices such as paperless working. Despite how looks, though, the business world hasn’t gone cleaning mad. Admittedly, you may find that you can breathe easier without office clutter. But, there are far more pressing reasons why you might want something like this in place.

In reality, many managers are finding that this clean desk attitude can help their business operations. While it may take some work to implement, then, your efforts here are sure to be worth your while. If you don’t want to take our word for it, keep on reading to find out why.



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An easy way to keep up with health and safety


Wherever there’s mention of a mess, the health and safety department needs to take a closer look. As an employer, this should be one of your main concerns. Everything you do needs to keep the safety of your team in mind. Otherwise, you stand to face lawsuits and a damaged reputation. And, guess what? That applies even if employees create that mess themselves. It still falls on your shoulders to make sure they don’t hurt themselves or otherwise fall ill. In this respect, a clean desk policy is a no-brainer. By forbidding the build-up of anything from paperwork to crisp wrappers, you can work wonders for hygiene in your office. Something as simple as insisting team members throw all rubbish wrappers in the bin could save you from having to call ABC Pest Control or companies like them when rats and other nasties come your way. If that happened, there’s no way you could adhere to safety standards. Towering piles of paper could also cause potential falling and tripping risks. Again, you’d be the one on the wrong end of the law if they did. So, get strict. Tell team members they need to keep desks clean throughout the working day. If you meet with opposition, you could always remind them that it’s for their own good.


A more organized working method


You may also find that your clean desk policy leads to an altogether more organized way of working. Whether you implement paperless computer storage or insist team members file everything, this could make things a whole load simpler.  We’re talking no more rummaging around for every little scrap of paper in the office. Instead, team members will be able to reach straight for the files in question without worry. That can both increase productivity and keep things professional in front of clients. All because you thought to get clean with those desktops. Admittedly, your policy itself might not be enough here, but it is half the battle. Once you make it clear employees can’t store files on their desks anymore, you’ll merely need to put alternatives in place. With easy solutions such as Cloud storage now available, that shouldn’t be all too difficult for you. Then, you’ll find that you’re able to stay sane during the working day. You certainly won’t need to waste hours on tasks which take seconds anymore. Who would’ve thought clean desks could make such a difference?




A sure way to keep up with confidentiality


No matter what industry you work in, confidentiality should matter a great deal to you. This is the best chance you have of building trusting customer relationships. Not to mention that adherence here ensures you’re always on the right side of the law. You could go as far as to say that this should be as much a priority as health and safety. Sadly, a breach here can even come about from revealing someone’s address. For obvious reasons, though, monitoring this can get tricky if employees leave confidential files on their desks. After all, you’ll have no way to track who gleans that information. If a leak occurs as a result, you could face significant fines and reputational damage. If something like card details got out, this could even end in closure. But, again, your clean desk policy can come to the rescue here. That’s because it ensures there are no files for stray eyes to see. Instead, you can focus on secure filing systems or restricted computer access. Then, you can ensure you’re always on the right side of confidentiality law. Goodbye fines; hello customer trust.


Not to mention the cash you could save


Of course, cash is another pressing issue in the business world. Every entrepreneur going wants to know how to save it, make more of it, and so on. Believe it or not, clearing those desks could also help in the cash department. For one, going paperless could see you saving big. When you add it up, it’s astounding how much the average office spends on paperwork. We’re talking stationary, the paper itself, and even the printing ink you would need. By comparison, cleaning desks and taking things online could save you no end. All you would then need to worry about was a monthly subscription for a Cloud service. You may also find that clearing up in this way can save you money from an employment point of view. In a way, this takes us back to the point about organization. By ensuring work is more efficient, you can get more out of each team member during the day. This ensures you aren’t throwing wages away for no reason. It could even see you pulling in more profit and earning instead.


There’s no denying that getting on top here could be tricky to start. No one likes to change in the office, after all. But, if your team resent this attempt to control their work stations, talk them through the benefits. They stand to gain as much as you, after all. In no time, you should find that the whole office is behind cleaning up their desks and work habits altogether.