Unresponsive Websites Make For Impassive Customers

Once upon a time, there was a website which was rigid and inflexible. For years, its traffic grew and it became one of the biggest platforms on the World Wide Web and lived happily ever after. The end.


There’s a straightforward way to tell this is a fairytale: the unyielding nature of the site. Today, websites can’t exist without being responsive because it’s what the audience demands. They need smart technology, and if they don’t require it, they want it badly.


Therefore, a modern site has to be receptive and reactive, which is easier to say than to do. The good news is the following tips can stop your followers from being impassive.


Relieve Responsibility


Now, if this seems as if you’re passing the buck, you are actually doing the opposite. Only clever and astute people understand their limitations and when to ask for help. Outsourcing is paid assistance. The trick is to find maintenance-friendly proactive business IT solutions and consulting services. Without every feature working in perfect harmony, nothing will feel responsive. How can it when it won’t load in the first place? Pay them to fill in the gaps in your knowledge.


Redirect Without Permission


With the focus on data mining at the moment, it’s easy to assume users want to be notified regarding their personal preferences. Although this is true in terms of personal info, it isn’t the case with a diversion. The last thing a mobile user wants is to land on a desktop page as the dimensions won’t be the same. The photos and videos and text will be too long and won’t fit. As soon as this happens, they’ll bounce. So, a responsive website should be able to tell what device people are using and tailor the experience accordingly.


Include Smart Images


Not only pictures but videos too. The king of content is no longer the written word – it’s these. Of course, multimedia only works when the features are good-looking and eye-catching. In short, they need to add value. This doesn’t happen when the sizes are too great for the page. Because you don’t have time to make different pages for different users, the trick is to make sure the width and height aren’t fixed. Use this link for inspiration or check out the tutorial underneath for info on embeds as the code can be basic.



Consult On Content


Websites are created and then the content is posted. Sorry, but this is the wrong way to do things because it’s unpredictable. It’s far better to come up with the material first and then build the platform around it. Don’t worry if you’re unsure as to the specifics because things change and your site should be responsive enough to adapt. All you need is a brief outline of the kind of stuff you’re going to include. That way, the features will blend in seamlessly.


Is your site living in a dream world, or is it where it belongs –in the 21st century?


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Elita Torres

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