What Are Online Hiring Assessments?

An online hiring assessment is an Internet-based talent recognition and selection tool used by modern-day human resource (HR) professionals to screen, shortlist, and onboard hundreds of candidates in relatively short time periods. These Internet-based assessments help HR professionals effortlessly automate various aspects of their jobs. The rising popularity of these online pre-employment screening processes is a good sign for employers, employees, and recruiters.

These tools help employees partake in an objective and bias-free assessment processes. For employers, human resource management becomes much easier with these tools. And for recruiters, hiring the top talents from large pools of candidates is no longer a months-long process. With online hiring assessments, they can effectively screen thousands of candidates within hours.

Understanding the Popularity of Online Hiring Tests

Online hiring tests contain a series of questions that assess the various strengths and weaknesses of the test-takers. These tests –

  • Reveal the candidate’s personality attributes.
  • Expose their true job, industry, or role-specific skills.
  • Help recruiters discover behavioral patterns that determine whether they’re fit for the hiring firm’s work culture.
  • They can also predict performances; candidates who score better usually perform better after landing the job.
  • Since they’re Internet-based, these assessments can be taken by any candidate from any part of the world.

Approximately 80% of Fortune 500 companies utilize these pre-recruitment assessment tools to select the best candidates. The best online pre-recruitment tests are custom-created as per the competency requirements of the employers. Employers can also opt to select pre-created assessments to test various aspects of their candidates.

For instance, various companies use these tests to hire electrical engineers, marketing managers, and other common administrative professionals. Employers can re-use tests that previous companies have used to receive objective evaluations of their candidates’ capabilities.

The popularity of these “e-assessments” is also down to the fact that they’re impartial. The analyses recruiters make from reviewing the candidates’ test results have no room for bias. Either the candidate scores a high rank/not. That’s why, between 2016-2017, the use of these assessments increased by 114% in recruitment agencies across the globe.

The Unavoidable Benefits of Online Assessments

The countless benefits of online recruitment assessments are hard to avoid for all parties involved. Recruiters no longer have to manually go through hundreds (sometimes thousands) of CVs in limited periods. The test scores sufficiently indicate the candidates’ proficiency and job compatibility. Compared to traditional recruitment strategies like hosting interviews or conducting certification programs, this digital approach to pre-employment testing is much cheaper. Plus, the examinees themselves have the chance to participate in multiple tests, irrespective of their locations. Some other benefits of online recruitment assessments that are too hard to avoid include –

Offers Recruiters the Chance to Scale their Strategies

Internet-based recruitment assessment exams not only break down geographical constraints, but also allow recruiters to scale up or down the number of candidates they assess every season. For instance, an HR firm can screen thousands of candidates with one test, select fifty from the first test and screen them again with a more complicated test – all automatically! There’s no need to custom-administer each examination process as there are no physical test centers involved in the process. Just send the test link to the candidates and assess their performances at your own convenience!

In-Depth Understanding of the Candidates

Online assessment reports are all-inclusive. As stated before, these tests feature a variety of questions that test different aspects of the candidates’ personalities. From the understanding of core topics to personality assessment subjects – these tests provide deep insights into candidates’ mindsets and capabilities. Recruiters can even assess how candidates perform in particular areas to map out the rest of their journeys at the company. For instance, if a candidate is an expert at Excel, they don’t need to be re-trained for long periods. Similarly, if a candidate performs well in certain areas but fails in others, recruiters can inform the employers about their weak points in advance. Gaining such deep insights in one-on-one interviews is nearly impossible.  

Employ Tech-Savvy Professionals

Whether you’re in finance, engineering, or law – modern-day professionals need to be tech-savvy. Candidates who still depend on the traditional pen-and-paper approach aren’t fit for modern-day workspaces. That’s why evaluating their technical skills by giving them Internet-based recruitment assessment exams is a smart move for recruiters.

Outsourcing Minimizes Administrative Responsibilities

In the past, interview season meant that companies had to –

  • Organize interview spaces.
  • Elect interviewers.
  • Organize their own exams.
  • Print and distribute job-related information to the candidates.
  • Only select candidates who are located nearby.
  • Host second or third screening rounds.

Now, third-party providers of Internet-based recruitment assessments can take on all of these responsibilities. These experts provide test papers for virtually all types of professions. From the most relevant civil engineering exams to voice-based customer service exams – these providers of online recruitment assessments drastically simplify the recruitment process for HR managers.