What is a Proxy Server

What is a proxy server and how can it be useful for an ordinary Internet user? Many netizens have come across the term proxy server more than once. But few people know what he really is.

In some, a proxy server is associated with some specific terms of system administrators, while in others it is associated with hackers who use a proxy to hack computers over the Internet. So what is a proxy server and why is it useful at all? Let’s try to figure it out

What is a proxy server

A proxy server is a you-proxy.com remote computer that acts as an intermediary between you and network resources. In other words, it is a gateway through which information flows in both directions.

Let’s say you want to open a website. In this case, the request from your computer goes to the proxy server, from where, after processing, it goes directly to the web resource.

In the opposite direction, it works in exactly the same way – information from the server goes to a remote computer and returns to your PC after processing. This can provide several benefits, which we will discuss below.

What is a proxy server?

Increasing the speed of data processing on the InternetA proxy server is often used by providers to provide faster access to popular Internet resources. How does it work?

Try to at least roughly imagine how many customers of your Internet provider access popular Internet resources every day. And on these resources, as on most modern sites, there is a huge amount of various pictures, banners, and other information.

It would be silly to download it from the Internet every time. This is why providers use proxy servers.

Since all data processing occurs through a proxy (note that you are not the only one using a proxy), data from sites are cached on the hard drive of the remote computer. Considering that the average speed of the Internet channel is about 3-5 Mbps, and the speed between the proxy server or your PC is 100 Mbps (do not forget that when using a proxy server, your computer is part of the local network), then the difference is noticeable.

No, of course, the pictures weigh so little that there is little difference. Imagine how things are with more “heavy” content – movies, music, etc.