What To Consider When Opening Your Own Medical Practice

What To Consider When Opening Your Own Medical Practice

As you gain experience and practice your skills in the medical industry, you may have the idea of opening your own medical facility. Your clients trust you and would follow you anywhere you went, so providing a space where you can expand your expertise and take care of clients is an excellent idea.

Luckily, opening a medical facility isn’t as complicated as you’d think. But how do you go about owning and operating your own medical practice, and what are the steps to take? Here’s what to consider when opening your own medical practice.

Choosing Your Medical Practice

Before opening your practice, consider what kind of medical practice you’d like to start. Based on it being a private practice, there are a couple of choices to pick from.

Solo Practice

When starting a solo practice, you take on most, if not all, responsibility. Even though you’re in complete control, there is the risk of encountering higher startup costs. You would also have to put in more hours since you’ll focus on both the business and clinical sides of operating the practice.

Group Practice

Compared to a solo practice, a group practice shares responsibilities and lessens your workload. Shorter work hours come with the lack of complete control, but you’ll have easier access to working capital and lower startup costs.


By starting a business with a hospital network, you work on a schedule and have employee constraints. However, you’ll have working capital and marketing at your disposal. If you plan on working in urgent care, working at a hospital-owned business might benefit you most.

Of course, a few more options are out there, but the examples provided above are the most well-known and easily accessible for experienced medical professionals.

Purchasing Equipment

When learning what to consider when opening your own medical practice, it’s essential to know what to purchase for your facility and who to hire. Your practice will need to include standard equipment like a heart monitor, exam table, sink, and faucet—just to name a few.

Of course, there are other things to consider, like when to purchase a medical freezer. So, be sure to buy equipment that benefits your practice. Some other essentials consist of:

  • Computers
  • Medical record software
  • Furniture for clients
  • Single-use disposables
  • Medical equipment
  • Accountant and consultation fees

Preparing To Open Your Practice

Once you’ve hired qualified staff and obtained everything needed to open your medical practice, it’s good to conduct some final checks before opening day. Be sure to have the proper licenses according to state and medical laws and promote your business. By networking with colleagues and building an online presence, you’ll bring in new clientele. Have fun with creative ways to promote your practice and connect with potential clients.