What to Pay Prior Attention to When Choosing an Essay Writing Service


Sometimes we can’t cope with all the assignments that we should do. As a result, we ask special services for assistance. If you decide to choose a custom essay writing service, it’s a bad idea to place an order at the first site you came across. Choosing a service is work you do once to save your time in the future. It’s like a coffee machine: spending time to purchase a proper one, you save hours on making coffee in the future. We’ll tell you seven criteria you should pay attention to when choosing an essay writing service. 



First and foremost, ask your friends around. Maybe they have already tried the best essay writing services and can advise you on some of them. Also, you can ask your classmates the same question, and you can find the appropriate service together. 

If each of your buddies advises you on different ones, learn about the advantages and disadvantages of every service you’ve heard about. 

Online Reviews

You know that people can buy reviews as well as watches on YouTube and likes on Instagram. Therefore, reading feedback about different services, Essay Pro reviews, for example, you should pay attention to their wording. Are these reviews written in a single style or are they different? For instance, if you read reviews that consist only of the ‘They do high-quality work’ phrase or some phrase repeats from one recall to another one, you should avoid this writing service because it buys recalls. Of course, you can ask your friends about this service. But in any case, the impression of it is damaged.


Think about how much money you have to spend on writing services. This is because some services are expensive enough. On the other hand, there are cheap ones. Writing service can’t boast of its high quality if it emphasizes that it’s cheap. But you should also be cautious when choosing an expensive service as the high cost doesn’t always provide high quality.

Also, asking cheap services for assistance, you have a high risk of receiving an essay with a low percentage of uniqueness. You’ll lose your time if you check your essay on plagiarism and start re-writing it by yourself or contact other writing services. 

Therefore, find a service that is affordable for you and provides quality papers. 

Service Can Match Your Style in Writing

Imagine this situation when you receive a paper and see that it is written with lots of metaphors. The speech is figurative and makes lots of associations. It’s good but it isn’t your writing style. Your speech isn’t figurative and you don’t use metaphors anywhen. 

You know that style is not always about using metaphors, epithets, or other methods of beautiful writing. It’s also about how you develop the essay theme, what you focus on and what facts you don’t consider when thinking about an issue you talk about in your essay. 

Therefore, look at another example. Your essays are always polemic; it means that you reveal the problem from opposite sides. And you receive the paper where the problem is developed only from one side; it means that the arguments are only “for” or only “against”. 

To avoid these situations, you should tell a writer about your style. It takes time but it’s better to spend ten minutes talking about your style than rewriting an essay by yourself last night before the deadline. 

24/7 Live Chats

In 2021, a service that doesn’t have customer support isn’t a good service. This is because, without live chat, you can’t contact the writing service anytime to get answers to all your questions and control the process of writing your essay. Therefore, you should choose the only service with a 24/7 live chat.

Money-Back Guarantee

Thanks to the money-back guarantee, you can be sure that if the written essay doesn’t meet the requirements or contains a large number of factual or grammatical errors, you will get your money back. The presence of a money-back guarantee shows that a service appreciates its clients. 

Writers’ Proficiency

You should check your writer proficiency before placing an order. Look at writers’ profiles and check their experience. What essays have they already written? Read reviews and look at ratings about writers and choose a specialist you like most. If you choose a writer without rating or reviews, you buy a pig in a poke because you don’t know how well this person writes essays. In this case, place an order in advance to address another specialist if the first writer does his or her work badly. 

If you follow these tips you will find the appropriate service for you. Find and list ones that you think are reliable. Try a service that appeals to you most.