Why You Should Use Magento for Your Online Store?

Are you planning on getting your store online? Still, confused between Magento and its competitors?

Wondering if Magento would provide the features as promised or would it fail to do so?

Magento should be your first option if you are planning to open your online store!

We are not saying it!

The survey says so!

With more than 250K merchants selecting a Magento platform over an ordinary one, it is given the first preference for every e-commerce enthusiast!

Let us find out what makes Magento the go-to platform for most of us!

1.Customization benefits: 

Open source is one of the key reasons why people are switching over to Magento. Being an open-source platform means that users can customize the platform as per their needs. Moreover, it gives the users flexibility to leverage the latest changes in the domain of tech. With Magento Community being free of cost, it is quite easy to make your website look cool! But you need coding skill or have to hire expert to setup a fully functional Magento store.

2. Keeping your data secured: 

E-Commerce scams are getting more common. With an increase in frauds by more than 45%, it is becoming imperative to discuss e-commerce frauds. It is time, our choice of the eCommerce platform is driven by the safety net that they have. Fortunately, Magento is one such platform that prioritizes user safety and prevents data breaches of any sort. With awesome features like Recaptcha and disabling account sharing of the admin, data security is given prior concern. 

3.The change is continuous: 

Updates play a major role in the development of any software or platform. With the ever-evolving security concerns, it is such an update that has ensured that Magento stays ahead. Moreover, Magento has its team all geared up, for the constant support which is needed by the users constantly. The latest Magento2 version is more flexible than magento1. The latest version is mobile friendly, support latest PHP version, CSS3, HTML5 and more secure than the previous version.

4.Flexibility at your call: 

You don’t need to worry about the flexibility of Magento, as it enhances the user experience by giving you multiple options to select from. You can even scrap out the entire website and start things all over again, without having to worry about the technicalities. 

5.Having multiple stores, don’t worry!

 Multiple store features are one of the most important features when it comes to selecting Magento. You can open multiple stores on the Magento platform, and this makes the platform quite popular. You can rank more than one store in the SERP rankings using the Magento SEO services and can churn in quick bucks! What is awesome to note is it helps you in saving your time, and effort while dealing with multiple stores!

Bottom line: The choice between Magento and its competitor should not depend on the price but on the service being offered. If you are looking for commendable support, with an exciting e-commerce journey, Magento should be your first choice.

With numerous satisfied clients and an awesome deck to support your e-commerce website, Magento has its in-house SEO capabilities. It ensures that your website doesn’t lose out amidst the ocean of e-commerce sites. Hence, selecting Magento will be the right choice!