Why Your Brand Should Go Green (And Not Just Because Of The Environment)

If you think that the reason your brand should go green is solely because of the environment, then you’re sadly mistaken. Yes, the environment is important and, without it, we’re in trouble. But there are so many other reasons why going green and presenting your company as a nature-loving brand is beneficial. Here’s why. 

Consumers Demand It

Do you know anyone in your life who thinks that people should continue to destroy the environment? Probably not. Pretty much everyone wants to find ways to do their bit so that they can create a better world for the people who come after them. 

That means that consumers now demand that companies pay homage to the environment. They won’t accept anything less. They want to see that firms are doing their bit before they buy. 

As a business leader, you need to take this into account. You’ll want to figure out what you can do to convince them that you are sustainable. It doesn’t have to be anything that breaks your business model. Just something that indicates that you’re moving in the right direction. 

It Can Improve The Appearance Of Your Business

Next time you go to a downtown area, check out the most attractive businesses. Many of them incorporate green elements in their architecture. Why? Because they know that that’s naturally what their customers want. People enjoy gazing at greenery, particularly when they are in the middle of the concrete jungle. 

You can see examples of what garden walls look like at Gabion Supply. The idea is to make our urban spaces greener by creating backings that make it easy to grow foliage vertically. What’s more, it’s one of the most powerful visual messages that you can send telling customers that you operate a green brand.

It Lowers Operating Costs

If you think going green is going to add to your expenses, think again. The opposite is, in fact, true. 

Why? Because when you go green, you reduce the quantity of energy your firm uses and you tap into cheaper sources of electricity. 

Coal used to be the cheapest way to generate electricity at scale. Unit costs were cents on the dollar. But now solar and wind are undercutting it. They’re actually cheaper on a Levelized cost basis, meaning that energy prices are probably going to go down in real terms, not up. 

It Lowers Your Tax Bill

Governments all over the world are desperate to reduce CO2 production. Like most people, they believe that it is essential if the world is to remain a pleasant and habitable place. 

As such, they’re putting financial incentives in place right now to get firms to adjust their behavior. Taxes on energy produced using fossil fuels is convincing many firms to make the switch to solar. Taxes on plastic packaging are also liable to have an impact over the coming years. The changes that we will see in the future could be tremendous. 

Lowering your tax bill, therefore, goes hand in hand with going green. Put a strategy in place today for a more profitable tomorrow.