You’ve Got Mail….The Paradox Of An Email Marketing Campaign

The Paradox Of An Email Marketing Campaign

For sheer cost-effective marketing, there’s nothing that can hold a candle to email marketing campaigns. A message can entail anything you want. Videos can be embedded in them, graphics, gifs, images, banners, PDF files, and pretty much anything you can think of. So with this basic yet very complex technology, you can reach people far and wide. Everyone opens up their email account at least once a day, many of us open it up in our smartphones and have them roaming or just hovering in the background. Therefore, we’re hardly ever far from checking our inbox for new messages.

A business that wants to market a new product, can introduce it to the masses via a press conference, social media, an online video, or an email marketing campaign. Lots of different skills are needed to get the most perfect message out there. You need creative writers, excellent graphic designers, maybe even a short video team, and of course, a focus on the best angle for selling your product and or services.

The words that matter

The average person doesn’t have time to sit and read through every single email they receive. Normally we just look at the title and the sender, and if it’s not to our interest, we carry on through until the end of the unread line. So you have to include words that matter in the title. This can be a mixture of keywords that are being heavily searched at that very moment. However, they could be totally relevant to your business and aim for the marketing campaign only. Bold lettering in the title along with some symbols will be seen as spam, so don’t try any obvious ways to get noticed. The words themselves are the only things that will lure in customers to open the email and read through it.

Who to turn to

Making an email from scratch, that will showcase your business and present it in the best light possible, with the utmost modern character feeling, is no easy feat.  On, you will be provided with a list of email marketing campaigns and their features. Some of the best in the industry have their own hub, meaning their very own interface model which their clients can use. They have a star-rating system along with some of the more important features being tested also. You can compare the rates of each service side by side and decide for yourself, which is the best balance of price and features. Templates, images, creative writing services are some of the most desired when it comes to email marketing.

Strategic links

It goes without saying that you will be putting links in the email so that it will take the person to the right page on your website that displays the product or service. However, you can be strategic and link other things such as positive reviews, social media trends and maybe even similar related products and services that you sell.

Email marketing campaigns seem easy at first, but something as simple as an email, is incredibly complex because the message itself has so many options. It’s a strange paradox in a way, but you have so many services that can make it easier for you with their specialized software.