3 Factors That May Delay Your Injury Claims Process

One of the most frustrating things after an accident is having your injury claims delayed for reasons you know nothing about. With the US recording a staggering 409,925 personal injury claims, it is possible some probably fall through the cracks and are never remembered. If you ever find yourself applying for injury claims, it will help you know what could delay the process, so you can take steps to avoid them. Below are a few. 

  1. Legal disputes

When there is confusion over who caused the accident leading to personal injuries, it can become a legal tussle for ages. In a situation like that, it becomes imperative for investigators to find new evidence that can prove the actual cause of the accident. This will often delay the entire injury claims process and cause frustration, anguish, and anger in the injured person. In a legal dispute, it helps to speak with a car accident lawyer if the attorney you have is not experienced in such matters.

Furthermore, as the injured person, it is also advisable to avoid speaking privately with the party responsible for the accident. However, when it becomes mandatory to do so, it is always a good idea to communicate in the presence of your attorney. You may want to copy your lawyer in every correspondence with the other party where emails are concerned. These steps are necessary to avoid miscommunication, ambiguity, and last but not least, shooting yourself in the foot. While all these measures are taken, the accused’s legal team will also be at work in hopes of discrediting the severity of your injury and the accident story.

  1. Complexities during negotiations

Usually, the negotiation will be between your legal representative and an insurance company. However, the latter will likely complicate issues as they take up every opportunity to reduce the compensation owed to you. This happens when the quoted figure is on the high side. The continuous back and forth is what delays the injury claims process. And until your attorney and the insurance company arrive at a figure both parties can agree on, the claims will be left hanging.

Unfortunately, the counteroffer is unattractively low in many cases, causing a prolonged process. According to people who have experienced this process, the main reason for the insurance company’s delay tactics is to cause frustration. When that emotion finally sets in, the victim will likely give up on fighting any longer. In the end, to avoid any further delay, the injured person may feel compelled to accept any compensation amount, no matter how significantly reduced it is.

  1. Unresolved issues about damages caused

It is easy to quantify damages by assessing medical bills, receipts, loss of wages, etc., in connection with the injury. Unfortunately, what cannot be quantified is the level of pain and suffering the victim undergoes. Therefore, when your attorney factors that as an added cost of damage, it becomes a bone of contention between the parties involved. When that happens, injury claims delay becomes the order of the day.

In essence, before attempting to process any personal injury claim, it might be helpful to cover all grounds to avoid setbacks that may delay your healing.