3 Lucrative Careers With The Oil Industry – For Entry Level, High School Diploma And Graduates

If handling one of life’s commodities sparks interest as a career for you, but you are concerned that you don’t have the right experience or qualifications to secure a role, below are a few career opportunities available for those with or without education. With so many lucrative opportunities within this sector, you are destined to find something rewarding and prosperous to help forge the perfect career for you. Take a look at the roles below to start your search on finding a job within the oil industry today.


Crude Oil Trader


If you hold a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline such as engineering, technology or finance, coupled with experience negotiating, persuading and building rapport with clients, this role could be a perfect fit for you. You will need to have a comprehensive understanding of crude oil to be seriously considered for a position such as this. So if you’re lacking in this area, it would be worth getting to know the different types of crude oil from across the world. You could book a distance learning course online to study an introductory course to trading career oil, to help give you an edge above other candidates. A successful crude oil trader can earn in the region of $85,000 upwards.


Oil Recovery Operator


For those with an environmentally friendly conscience, you may be better suited to helping to recover oil in a quest to preserve natural resources and prevent excessive pollution from further damaging the environment. An Oil Recovery Operator tends the machines and engineering used to recover oil, such as oil stop valves, gauges, and blowers, along with monitoring control panels and performing maintenance checks on equipment. In contrast to the role as an oil trader, a degree is not required; however, you will need high school diploma (or the equivalent GED), along with a clean driving license, a drug screen test, and a background check. Although related experience is preferred it is not entirely necessary. On average this role provides around the region of $15 per hour, which is a good return and starting point for high school leavers or those wanting to gain more experience within the oil industry.


Oil Pumper


If you like the prospect of being outdoors and mostly working alone, (although sometimes as part of a field crew) monitoring oil pumps may be the role you’ve been looking for. This job entails maintaining wellheads across a field while troubleshooting and repairing operational issues. This is to check they are working correctly. You will also be required to monitor and create accurate reports by logging data, and testing gauges. A role as an oil pumper can offer a salary of $40,000, to begin with, a generous remuneration for those with or without a High School diploma.


The careers duties and salaries identified above will vary depending on the company you apply to. The premise of this post is to define roles available within the oil industry for people who have different levels of education and experience.


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