3 Powerful Life Lessons From A Minimalist #5MinMotivation


I try to invest in my personal development on a daily basis.  This investment is done in a variety of ways; books, podcasts or simply talking to people who have achieved success in an area I aim to improve on.    Most of the time what I read or hear is nothing that I haven’t heard before.  The same quote or philosophy is just said in a different way styled to the uniqueness of the person who said it.  I don’t invest in myself only to hear something new.  I do it as a continual conditioning of my mindset in an attempt to keep me motivated and elevate my drive.  Recently, I heard 3 Powerful Life Lessons from a Minimalist.


One of my favorite Podcasts is, “School of Greatness with Lewis Howes.  He is authentic and real.  Lewis is a motivational speaker and personal development guru.  After an injury while playing professional football, he set on his next dream.  He became obsessed with business, marketing and adding value to influential people.  In his Podcast, Lewis interviews people who he feels can inspire his listeners to continue on the journey they desire.


I was listening to his interview with Joshua Fields Millburn.  Joshua Fields Millburn is the co-founder of The Minimalists, which has become a hugely popular podcast and lifestyle in the past few years.  I am far from being a minimalist myself but enjoyed listening about his transition from a workaholic to living with less than 300 items to his name.  I even subscribed to his podcast after listening to his interview.


There were several lessons I learned from this episode.  However, what drove me to share it with you was his answer to one of Lewis’ questions.  In every interview Lewis Howes questions his interviewee on what are their 3 truths.  The 3 truths are what you would want to leave as your legacy if all your other work was wiped out.  What 3 life truths would you want to teach the world?


When he asked Joshua about his 3 truths, his answer was so simple but powerful.


Here are 3 Powerful Life Lessons from a Minimalist:


Let it Go.  It’s just Stuff

Simple enough from a minimalist but true enough for us all.  In the end, think about what you are driving yourself so hard to achieve.  Aim for relationships and memories over material possessions.


You can’t change the people around you, but you can change the people around you

You don’t have the power to change someone’s mindset or philosophies.  It is up to them to want to be someone or something different.  You can however change who you spend your time with.


Love people and use things.  The opposite never works

I think this explains it all on its own.


If you want to hear the entire podcast, you can listen below:



What life truths do you hold?


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