3 Ways TikTok Can Help You Ace Your Job Search!

You might be one of those people who worries about spending too much time on TikTok. We all do it sometimes.

What you might not have realized is that it might help you find your next job!

TikTok has increasingly been of interest both to employers and potential employees of late. The company itself has also made a big push to win over the dynamic demographic of job searching.

So is it time to discard LinkedIn and only job search on TikTok? Maybe not quite yet, but we’ve highlighted 3 key ways that TikTok can already help you get hired today. 

Creating a Resume

Traditionally, you might type up a written resume and then send it to a recruiter. 

However, TikTok has been trying something a bit different: video resumes.

The social platform recently trialed a scheme where candidates could apply for advertised jobs via a “TikTok resume”.

A “TikTok resume” is a video resume either recorded using the app or another recording software provider. 

During the trial, you could then upload the resume to your profile using the hashtag #TiktokResume and send it directly to participating job advertisers via an application form on the platform. 

At the moment you can still create video resumes but you won’t be able to officially apply like you could under the scheme previously. Nevertheless, if this trial proves successful this functionality may return in the future.

TikTok however, is also a great tool to use when you want to write a resume too. 

There are lots of tips and advice to be found on the platform that will help make you much better prepared to create your own conventional resume or covering letter and ace interviews.

We’ll explore that a little more below.

Learning Tips to Get Hired

There’s a lot of advice on TikTok as you’ll probably already know. That goes for job searching too.

The app is increasingly attracting experts from the world of HR to help users improve their career building skills.

A few well respected TikTok influencers to follow for job hunting include:

These of course just a small selection of the many other people you’ll find giving career help on TikTok.

You can also find lots more influencers, possible job opportunities and tips by searching through some of the popular hashtags for career hunters. 

Some of these hashtags to help you find essential careers information include:

  • #interviewtips 
  • #applynow 
  • #careergoals 
  • #employers 
  • #careerdevelopment 
  • #jobinterview 
  • #recruitmentagency 
  • #jobsearching 
  • #recruiterlife

There’s a lot of information out there on TikTok about what you can do to make sure you apply to the right places, avoid common mistakes and stand out when going through the hiring process. Don’t miss out, it might just prove crucial for your next application!

Find Out Who’s Hiring

There are also more traditional ways to use TikTok for a job search, in addition to the innovations it has recently brought to the job market.

Employers are increasingly running ads for job openings on the platform as a way of reaching out to younger members of the workforce.

There’s a lot of potential for the app as an advertising tool for companies, to get the interest of potential hires. This is thanks to the fact it allows businesses to use the TikTok algorithm to show customized branded job adverts to people with specific interests.

If you engage with the right videos or hashtags you may see job postings next time you use the app. 

There’s a lot more you can do with TikTok than just sharing dance videos. Increasingly it’s becoming a must-use tool for getting hired. It’s even possible that you may find your next job on the platform.