5 Tips You and Your Business Can Do to Take Care Of the Environment

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Did you know 92% of consumers said they’re more likely to choose and trust a business that promoted green practices?

Based on this statistic, more and more businesses are looking for ways to be more eco-friendly. So if you’re ready for your business to be more eco-friendly, you came to the right place. 

Read on to learn how your business can help take care of the environment.

1. Eliminate Water Bottles

If you want a more eco-friendly business, eliminating the use of plastic water bottles can make a significant impact. Although plastic water bottles might seem convenient, they have a significantly negative impact on the economy. 

When plastic water bottles are not recycled, they will end up in landfills. On average, it can take up to 450 years to decompose. To discourage and eliminate plastic water bottles, you should make a water filtration system in the office. 

Having access to filtered water will discourage the use of water bottles. 

2. Reduce Paper Waste

Although many companies have switched to electronic files and given their customers the option of paperless statements, paper waste is still a big issue. 

If you want to switch to green business practices, it’s important you make efforts to reduce paper waste around the office. 

Encourage your employees to avoid printing unnecessary documents such as drafts, emails, and encourage electronic signatures. For example, switch to a fax-to-email machine to eliminate paper faxes. 

3. Facilitate Remote Working

Allowing your employees to work remotely can also have a significant positive effect on the environment. Not only will your employees save money by eliminating their commute, but they will also reduce their carbon footprint. 

If they drive to work, for example, it will reduce fuel emissions and petroleum consumption. Even if your employees have to go into the office, allowing remote work a few times a week can make a big impact. 

After the pandemic, many employees adjusted to remote working and proved they can be as productive working from home. 

4. Add Indoor Plants

To create a more eco-friendly living space, you should consider adding more plants to your office. Having living plants in an office will help improve the air quality, but it can also boost their mood. 

Looking at plants all day is aesthetically pleasing but can also create a more green environment.

5. Switch to LED Lightbulbs

Switching to LED lightbulbs will help you cut down on energy bills and create green business practices. Unlike incandescent lightbulbs, LED are bulbs are more energy-efficient. 

Aside from using LED lightbulbs in your office, it would help if you also took advantage of solar energy or consider letting in more natural light. 

To reduce energy consumption even further, you should take advantage of solar energy. Check out Blue Raven Solar for more information.

Help Your Business Take Care of the Environment

Now that you know how your business can do its part and take care of the environment, you’re ready to create a more eco-friendly work environment. 

If you want to create a more eco-friendly office, you should start by cutting down on paper usage, allow for remote work, add plants to the space, and reduce plastic water bottle usage. 

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