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4 Proven Ways to Integrate SEO and Email Marketing in Your Small Business


Small businesses often need complex strategies to withstand the pressures of their competition and the rising demand in their industries. In those early days, business owners typically treat each sector of marketing as a separate compartment: their content strategy is one entity, whereas their social campaigns, their SEO, and their ads entirely different entities. Recognizing the intricate links between them, however, is the moment when small businesses can increase their growth potential exponentially.


For the purpose of this article, let’s address the connection between two very specific aspects of your marketing efforts: your email marketing and your SEO. When you treat them as two segments of the same, overarching plan, you unravel an entire pool of growth potential for your small business. Let’s see how you can put SEO and email marketing together into a unified strategy.

Newsletters as content material

Every single small business has already used its early blogs to turn them into engaging infographics or transform them into videos and other content formats for better engagement on the site. However, treating your newsletter emails, in the same way, can be extremely helpful, and it would be a waste not to use the content from your emails on your website, repurposed.


This is a great strategy to help you garner more interest for your site, and to show your website visitors what they might be receiving should they consider subscribing to your newsletter. You can transform your email content into infographics, videos, blogs, or anything in between, to inspire more engagement, enrich your content strategy, and generate more traffic, all of which will increase your SEO potential.




Review generation

Companies continuously work on eliciting feedback from their customers and subscribers in order to increase the quality of their service and their brand presence. That pursuit may be noble on its own, but it’s not the only reason to ask for feedback and publish reviews. In particularly competitive markets such as New York, small businesses need that kind of leverage in the form of word of mouth to preserve their reputation, attract more customers, and be considered relevant in search engines as well.

One of the most efficient strategies for SEO in New York includes generating customer reviews with the help of powerful newsletters and customized, personalized email marketing. Publishing those reviews on your website means that you give search engines even more organic keywords naturally scattered by your customers to rank you by, and to put you in front of all other small businesses competing in this fast-paced, quickly-developing city.


Keyword alignment

Ask your SEO gurus, and they’ll tell you that all of their tactics rest upon the use and correct distribution of keywords. These phrases are the lifeblood of any strategy that will allow search engine crawlers to understand what your site is about and how to rank you for each of the keywords used throughout your content. However, your email marketing content should also rely on the use of keywords for better recognition, especially when you have links that will take your users to specific pages.





Focus on long-tail keywords that your audience pays attention to, and they’ll instantly serve as attention-grabbers for your subscribers to click on the email and preferably visit your site as well. Make sure that the subject line of your email, the headings in the email body, and other content are optimized since these very same SEO factors increase your chances of increasing your click-through rates. The more you refine your use of keywords, you’ll be able to guide your readers straight to the sales funnel and “nudge” them to make a purchase without hesitation.


Improve website traffic

You’ve become a master of email writing, and knowing that personalized emails have the potential to increase conversions by 10% has already inspired you to go that extra mile. It’s great if you can inspire your customers to open your emails and actually read through the content, but to take that a step further, you want to inspire them to click on the links embedded inside your newsletters and send them to your website.


When you add valuable links to specific landing pages on your site, you also increase the chances to have more website visits and lower bounce rates. Why? Because personalized emails are a perfect opportunity to lead your readers to personalized product offers, discount rates, and other kinds of customized content. Boosting your website traffic is directly linked to how relevant search engines will rate you to be and how well your ranking will evolve over time.


Search engine optimization already heavily depends on various other segments of your marketing strategy, especially content creation and brand consistency. Since your email marketing is pivotal for lead generation, nurturing leads, inspiring loyalty, and engagement, it makes all the more sense for your emails to work hand in hand with your SEO and help you improve your ranking all in one go. It takes time for the results of this merger to show, but stay persistent and dedicated, and keep learning from your analytics to adjust your approach, and you’ll let these two marketing segments to work together towards your common goals.



Jacob Wilson is a business consultant, and an organizational psychologist, based in Brisbane. Passionate about marketing, social networks, and business in general. In his spare time, he writes a lot about new business strategies and digital marketing for Bizzmark blog.