4 Ways to Improve the Consistency of Your Brand


When it comes to branding, consistency is key. Whether it’s your company logo and your brand colors or your core values and beliefs, strong consistency means a better customer experience and brand recognition. 

If you’re in a particularly saturated market, then a strong, consistent brand can help you stand apart from your competitors, not just with a particular color scheme or image, but in terms of trust and confidence in your products. You want your clients to know that they can expect a high-quality product and service each and every time they reach out to you. 

Here we’ll explore 4 ways to improve the consistency of your brand.

Consider DAM software

DAM or Digital Asset Management software is an incredibly popular and effective way to store and utilize all your digital marketing assets which can help you build brand consistency. Using Digital Asset Management tools, you’ll be able to organize and find all your digital files with ease, share your files with whoever needs them and control the usage rights of your digital content. From promotional videos, raw files, design files, word documents, PDFs and all your company branding… you can store everything securely and access them with ease.

As a creator, you’ll know that producing digital files takes time and energy so being able to store them in one simple and fully tailored digital library will make sharing these files across your website and other platforms much easier. Helping to establish a consistent online presence for your business.  

Reevaluate your core values

When creating a brand you need to have a focus on your company’s core values. These never change and are used to develop a strong foundation for your business and develop credibility and trust amongst your employees and clients alike. Trust, integrity, respect and responsibility are some of the core values that should be at the forefront of any business.

It’s more than just a logo

When we see industry giants such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks or Amazon we recognize them by logo alone. However, a strong brand identity is more than just a colorful or clever image that’s plastered on all your products. It’s a reflection of your core values and how you implement them. The logo simply helps clients recognize your brand and reminds them to expect good customer service etc. Remember to focus on how to implement your core values into the daily workings of your business to help build consistency throughout every facet of your business. 

And finally, implement it everywhere

Consistency within business comes in many forms. From the logos and color schemes throughout your social media pages to graphics on letterheads and within presentations. However it’s also within how your employees talk to your clients, the tone of emails they receive and even how feedback and complaints are handled. From your customer service team to your delivery team, everyone should be trained and well versed in how to conduct themselves and how to apply the core values of your business.