5 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know in This Year

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In today’s age, having the ambition to develop artificial intelligence programs and perfecting the science of voice search engine optimization is no longer considered a fool’s dream. Actually, you will find that an innovative and daring digital marketing trend is a top priority in 2021, and you can also see what 30 free spins no deposit AI has done with the marketing world in 2020.

1) Artificial Intelligence

This technology might be the biggest marketing trend for 2021, as we have witnessed great progress over the last few years. Here is an interesting fact about this marketing trend that should put this into perspective: Uber and Microsoft are already using „Knightscoper K5 robots” to replace human security guards in their parking lots. The robots are there to predict possible crimes and prevent them.

The AI industry is a huge commercial marketing trend opportunity for most companies, as it’s calculated that it will increase the global GDP by 14% this decade.

2) Chatbots

This one goes hand in hand with the marketing trends COVID-19 helped grow a large following in the most recent period. Chatbots are, most probably, going to be the future of customer support centers all over the world.

The benefits of having a 24-hour service and instant replies to inquiries are huge, and companies are starting to realize the true power of chatbots more and more. It’s been proven that customers prefer chatbots as they have an impeccable memory of your buying history, and they never lose patience, it’s a marketing trend that seems to be catchier than ever.

3) Programmatic Advertising

If you’re wondering what is a digital marketing trend that anyone can get behind, we must say that programmatic advertising can easily be one. It’s yet another science that involves AI, and it’s meant to help your business automate ad buying, leading to reaching multiple specific audiences.

And to back this up, a whopping percentage of 86.2% of the digital display ads in the United States are estimated to be programmatic. So if there was ever a time to invest in a marketing trend such as programmatic advertising, it’s now. 

4) Smart Speakers & Voice Search

An increasing number of users have now implemented the voice search into their lives so that it’s now considered one of the best marketing trends in 2021 that will bring you a nice profit margin. 

Just to put things in perspective, you should know that 72% of the people that own at least one voice-activated speaker said they have completely implemented it in their daily routines.

If you need more convincing about this marketing trend, today the market is valued at $2 billion, and it should hit $40 billion by 2022.

5) Social Media Stories

Although some might have considered it a digital marketing trend for 2020 that will slowly die, it turned out to be far from happening, having huge potential for 2021. It all started with Snapchat, then Instagram, and slowly it got its way even on YouTube.

The main benefits include increased brand awareness, significantly increased web-page traffic, and being a channel for constant follower engagement. But one of the most important benefits, that most global marketing trends are trying to achieve, is reaching younger audiences.


Following the marketing, trend wave is now more important than ever, given the fact that 2021 is all about the online environment. So if you want your business to thrive, make sure you do your research and discover the best marketing trend for you. What is your favorite marketing trend that you will be following this year? Do you have any advice for those who are at the beginning of the road? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

The Author

Ellen Royce is a business consultant with experience of over 15 years. She specializes in training for web development and social media marketing. She has written articles for many prestigious newspapers and five marketing bestsellers. An avid reader, Ellen likes to recharge the batteries in her ancestral home library at Bibury.