5 Instagram Strategies You’re Missing in Your Fashion Business


The fashion industry has acknowledged the importance of being present on all social media channels. But each social media platform sheds a different light on how you choose to present the information. While Facebook emphasizes texts, Instagram does this with photos. And it seems that Instagram is the platform where you can see all fashion brands showing the value of their products. So, you have a fashion business and you want to increase its visibility on Instagram, generate leads and convert them into customers. But how can you do this? And more importantly, what strategies is your fashion business missing? Here are five of them. 

1. Use Hashtags 

The usage of hashtags is an old marketing tactic, but one that is still in the books. This means that you can use hashtags to allow people that might be interested in your fashion business to find it on Instagram. Why use hashtags? Instagram has introduced a recent feature that allows you to follow hashtags, and the posts that get the most endorsements will be shown on followers’ feeds. But how to use hashtags efficiently? Some might think that adding as many hashtags as you can in the text of a post will get you more likes, comments, and endorsements in general. But this is a false assumption many people have. Having rows with hashtags will not do this. It will send the idea that you are only after endorsements and people might see it as spam. Instead, make sure you use an appropriate number of hashtags. The ideal number would be between seven and fifteen per post. 

But how do you choose the right hashtags for your fashion business? Some trendy hashtags are characteristic of every industry, so you might be tempted to use all of them. But instead, study your competition and take a look at their posts and Instagram accounts. See which are the hashtags they use the most, do your research, and decide if they are right for you too. 

2. Know When to Post 

The time you decide to post on Instagram can be the key to the success of your fashion business. As a marketing report by a paper writing service shows, posting when your followers are online drives a higher engagement. But what do you do when your competitors are posting at the same time you do? Keep in mind that the target audience is kind of the same, so you need to catch its attention before they do it. To decide when to post, it is important to take a look at the strategy of your competitors. If the best time to post for your fashion business is the same as theirs, then consider posting before they do it. It can be one hour early, but you will reach your target audience before they do it. 

3. Follow Your Competitors 

Many people who have their fashion business steer away from maintaining contact with their competitors. Or from even following them on Instagram. Even though the popular assumptions say that you should not be linked to your competitors, sometimes the most creative ideas and inspirations can come from them. Moreover, partnering with some fashion brands with the same values and mission as yours can give you access to their followers’ base. It is important to keep in mind that you have kind of the same target audience, so stealing a few good practices from your competitors can help you make your fashion business known on Instagram. 

4. Comments and Engagement

Following your competitors comes with another great advantage: access to their followers. But how can you do this without making your fashion business look spammy? Turn on the notifications for the fashion brands you follow. You can then post a relatable and interesting comment. If you are among the firsts to comment on it, people who will see the post after that will see your comment too. And some of them will be tempted to look into your fashion business profile. 

5. Partnerships 

Having a fashion business means that you have a lot of products that would fit some personalities. Increasing your reach on Instagram may be difficult, especially because it is a platform where all fashion brands are present. Besides the presented strategies, we come with the last one. Partnering with Instagram influencers can bring you a lot of endorsements and followers. There are already some Instagram influencers that focus on fashion and style, so partnering with them can help you reach your target audience. They can be the ones that dress with your items and pose for you. Later, you can use the photos for promotions and they will surely share them with their community. No matter the nature of the partnership, it is important to consider this as a strategy your fashion business might be missing. 

Final Words 

Instagram is a platform where you can make your brand known to the public and also reach your target audience. But the competition is fierce and knowing how to make your Instagram business profile popular and increasing your followers’ base is essential. So, these five strategies can help you enlarge your community, reach people that might be interested in buying from your business brand, and improving its aesthetics.