5 Magical Ways to Recharge Yourself with Stress Management


‘Stress’ is something we all experience in our lives. But, when it weighs excessively on us, we get in huge trouble. Excessive stress drains your energy and you feel weary all the time. Even a good night’s sleep seems insufficient for you to recharge. This is because as soon as the day begins, you again start losing your energy to stress quickly. As a result, you no longer feel excited about anything and all you look forward to is good sleep. 

However, this is not the way you wish to spend your life. You are not meant to sleep. Although stress makes you feel weary, you still have big dreams and aspirations waiting to get fulfilled. So, you have to do something to cut through stress and recharge yourself. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to do that with the help of 5 magical ways, which are easy to practice and effective.

  1. Dive in the magic of deep breathing: 

Your breath is nothing less than magic. It is your breath, which keeps you alive. This very thing is enough to demonstrate how magical and powerful your breath is. Further, proper breathing also lowers your stress level. But, wait a minute! Do you breathe properly? Perhaps not! This is because we do not breathe as deep as we can. We hardly pay any attention to our breath and inhale quick, shallow breaths. So, it is time for you to dive into the magic of your breath with deep breathing.  Visit this website to help you understand the magic of breath in detail, and some stress relieving benefits of deep breathing, have been given below:

  • Increases the supply of oxygen to your brain:

 Deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen to your brain. As a result, it starts feeling calm and your stress level reduces. This way, deep breathing helps you with stress management

  • Induces a meditative state: 

As you pay attention to the rhythm of your breath, your mind enters into a meditative state. This makes your mind peaceful and your thoughts settle down. Thus, stress reduction takes place. 

  • Brings your attention in the present moment: 

Stress is often a product of getting struck with the past or thoughts of the future. But, when you pay attention to your breath and inhale long, deep breaths, your attention comes back to the present moment. As a result, stress relief gets induced.

This is how your breath is a magical doorway to stress management. So, you should pay attention to your breath and inhale deeply. 

  1. Do something surprising: 

Most often stress occurs when your brain functions quickly and restlessly. This leads to a loss of energy and makes you feel weary. Under such circumstances, you can cut through stress by putting a stop to your brain’s restlessness. For this, you have to do something unexpected and surprising for your brain. Given below are three such surprising activities which you can do to prevent restlessness and stress:

  •  Splash your face with cold water: 

This is a very easy and effective way to bring a stop to your mind’s restlessness. You just have to splash your face with cold water. As the cold water touches your skin, your brain immediately gets attracted to the sensation it creates. This brings a halt to your brain’s restlessness. As a result, you experience relief from stress. 

  •  Take some sudden jumps: 

When you take a jump, your brain stops thinking.  This brings its restlessness to a stop. So, whenever you find yourself under a bit of stress, start taking some sudden jumps. 

  •  Shout aloud and listen to your voice: 

To put a stop to your brain’s hyperactivity, you can also shout aloud and listen to your voice. But, you can implement this thing only when you are alone. 

  1. Embrace mother nature: 

Nature is a powerful healer. When you spend your time in nature, your body gets flooded with an abundance of happy hormones such as Serotonin, Dopamine, and Oxytocin. These hormones lower your stress level and help you recharge yourself. So, you should try to spend some time embracing mother nature every day. Given below are some of my favorite ways to embrace mother nature: 

  • Lie under an open sky:

 There is nothing more amazing than lying under an open sky and watching the clouds pass by. It is so relaxing and induces a deep state of rest that recharges your energy. To enhance this effect, even more, you can lie on the grass and watch the open sky and clouds floating by. 

  • Sit under trees: 

When you feel weary, try sitting under the serene shade of trees. Within moments you’ll feel as if the trees have poured their energy into you and your weariness will begin disappearing. Further, if you don’t have trees around, you can sit in the company of plants and grasses. They are also helpful in stress management

  • Lie under a sky full of stars:

 The sky is full of stars! It is an abode of relaxation. As you lie there watching the stars, you get lost in their beauty. With this, your mind becomes peaceful and relaxed, which induces huge relief from stress. So, try to lie under a sky full of stars every night. 

  1. Embark on a creative journey: 

Creativity is an excellent way to reduce stress and recharge yourself. When you embark on a creative journey, your brain doesn’t engage in thinking. It is present right there, engrossed in creativity. As a result, your stress level decreases and you start feeling lively. Along with this, creativity also provides you with an inner joy that rejuvenates your mood. So, for stress management, you should try to embark on a creative journey of your choice. If you love dancing, go for it. If you love singing or painting, just go ahead and unleash your creativity. For best results, you must embark on a creative journey every day. This will help you develop a strong resilience against stress. 

  1. Sweat it out:

 By ‘ sweat it out, it means to engage in activities like exercise, dance, and playing. These activities enhance the secretion of happy hormones in your body. As discussed above, these hormones lower your stress level and make you feel happy. Further, these activities come with the additional benefit of enhancing your physical well-being. So, you should try to engage in such activities every day to sweat your stress out. 

So, these are the 5 magical ways of stress management, through which you can recharge yourself.