5 of the Best Screen Recording Software 2020

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Nowadays, filming the computer screen for sharing is quite common. Users can record screenshots of classic tricks, videos, or games to share with people for a variety of purposes. Today, we would like to introduce to you the five best computer screen recording applications.


RecordCast allows users to easily record videos playing on the computer screen with the best possible quality. This service does not need to be downloaded, installed, or configured, and it works directly through the browser. When you want to record a video, just click the start recording button, and you can also minimize the browser and record your work with other programs. When you’ve finished recording the video, just tap the red button and then download the video. The only drawback of RecordCast is that it will allow you to shoot for 10 minutes in length.

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Bandicam is a very popular computer screen recording application with high image quality. Bandicam is a great solution for you to simplify returning to the screen thanks to the maximum support from technology, hardware compatibility, and computer graphics cards today. Especially with the Bandicam full version, you are allowed to record videos with unlimited time and capacity, very useful for you to record the game screen for a long time.

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VLC media player 

The VLC media player application is an easy-to-use computer screen recording application. It has excellent screen recording capabilities, supports a variety of audio and video compression methods, and a variety of file formats, including DVD, CD, and streaming protocols. In addition, the VCL also allows streaming from a computer network and transcoding multimedia files.

Although not professional as well as there is no video editor and many other important features, but with VLC, you just need to simply manipulate to record the computer screen video. In particular, the VLC application is quite light, suitable for those who use it outside of the bar to play games, then upload and share videos for everyone.

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Apple’s macOS typically comes with built-in screen recording tools, but ScreenFlow (macOS) is a major solution that Apple’s office software can build on. Moreover, it provides a set of handy features and additional video editing tools.

For example, you can crop, pan, and magnify different areas of your video recording and add comments and captions over the footage. It is an intuitive and complete video editing tool coupled with an equally complete software to record your screen. It remains very easy to use for the screenshot: choose the video source (s), choose the audio source (s), and let’s go. The footage taken from your webcam can be easily integrated into the main movie, and the whole process is smooth and simple throughout.

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TinyTake is a 2-in-1 application that can both capture video and capture screenshots. In addition, TinyTake also allows you to create notes for videos and share them easily. This application is very easy to use. When you need to return to the screen, you right-click on the icon in the system tray to choose one of three functions: recording full screen, recording back to the webcam, or taking a picture from the webcam.

The software also integrates a number of shortcuts for you to manipulate easier and faster when using. The outstanding advantage of TinyTake is that users can record long videos up to 2 hours with good quality, and the output format is MP4. 

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Above is a list of 5 best computer screen recording applications today. Each application has the same basic functionality but has its own characteristics. We hope you will find yourself the most suitable software here.