5 Ways to Rewrite Your Content for SEO Bonus

The creative process especially writing new blogs and content is one of the most complicated ones. Not always do you find yourself inspired by anything new that can help you put words on the paper. 

New concepts do not float in the air all the time. So you can’t write new theories or present solutions for issues if nothing new is in the market of your interest. 

SEO is driven by many factors. Putting out content that has proper keyword utilization as well as the quality of writing is the best combination.

 If the reader comes to your page and spends a considerable amount of time reading and accessing useful content, Google gives the best reward in the form of a high ranking for that page.

One way to improve SEO for your webpage is to improve already written content to make it more useful and understandable for the current user. 

It should be equipped with all the fresh updates and new trends so that users can relate to it and it can provide enough attraction for the user to stay on the page.

Google sees improvements in your content and organic traffic is driven to your webpage it starts improving your standing in the list and soon if you kept up with SEO rules you will be soon promoted to a higher level 

Following are the 5 ways you can rewrite the content to improve SEO 

Improve presentation 

The content presentation has changed over the years. Presentation of content 3 to 5 years ago was different from the one that’s trending nowadays.

Years ago it was all simple text and explanation of the points. Word count and keywords were given all the importance. You used to stack keywords and think that you have done a great job. Nowadays it’s not enough.

Now SEO rules have changed and that if you want to get recognized you have to cope up with new trends and styles.

Pictures, GIFs, vlogs, blogs are the new trend. Your content must have a creativity factor in them as well. It’s the whole visual expression that attracts most users now. 

So if you want to engage users and want them to spend proper time extracting information and sharing it as well you have to increase visual attraction and improve the presentation of your old content 

Inclusion of cartoonist presentation is a creative way of presenting even boring content. GIF takes a second but presents your thoughts in the best ways. They are very useful to give importance to a certain point 

You will see an SEO improvement right away. 

Update the content 

The content that’s uploaded some time ago includes a lot of details that are now outdated and are not relevant anymore. A lot of changes and modifications are made over time.

If the data you kept on your website is not updated, any user that is coming to your website will see facts and figures from years ago and that will not be useful in the current moment. It will surely affect the SEO and your ratings drop due to that. 

To update your data you must keep an eye on changing variables and new information relating to your article. Anything that has improved in current years must be included in your article. 

You can use an online article rewriter for ease with this process. 

They use artificial intelligence technology to rewrite old content with all the new twists. Your word becomes more impactful while paragraph arrangement and content depth are improved.

It removes all the grammatical mistakes and checks your content for any type of Plagiarism and removes it if present. This helps you with saving all your time as well.

Google recognizes such updates and recognizes them as a very positive sign and responsible on your part. Google will surely improve your SEO and you get all the bonus points.

Improve the keyword and word count 

Sometimes articles are written in a short time, they do not have the appropriate addition of keywords in them. Neither the word count to justify the topic completely.

Such articles need to be rewritten in the proper manner where all the key aspects of the content are properly covered and the keyword is given its due. 

If the article length doesn’t do justice to the topic it goes in a negative sense in the SEO writing scenario. The user visits your website and leaves the page because your provided content lacks depth. 

To improve that you have to give complete depth of knowledge on the particular topic so that the user gets all the related information and your SEO rating can improve 


Tree style content marketing 

You write the content about a certain niche. Make sure you cover all the main aspects in one article. Then if it has subheadings make sure you individually write about all of them in detail to give a whole setup where the user will find one aspect and all its related topics in detail.

Google search engine will take into account all your efforts that how you want your content to be useful for the public. 

All this work is taken as a positive content availability and SEO is improved as a user will stay on the website and comes back if they want more related information. 

Your content authenticity takes you to the top of webpage research. 

Develop complete guidelines 

Nowadays what’s trending the most is the guidelines booklets. Create such guidelines that provide complete information. 

Social media is trending a lot these days. Create guidelines to properly use social media platforms and how to get proper help from them.

 Once your website gives all the tips and tricks in form of guidelines that will give all the insight into how social media influence can be used for your financial and overall benefits your webpage will go on most trending and SEO rise rapidly.

Only by taking such small measures, you can rewrite content to get SEO benefits.