6 Convincing Reasons To Invest in Video Content

About 80 percent of web traffic is from video content. And, 90 percent of consumers’ decisions are influenced by videos. With such and more benefits, it is high time to find a reputable video production company in Dubai. The professional videographers will guide you on the best video to fit your marketing strategy. Here are the convincing reasons to invest in video content for your brand. 

Brand boost

Video content will give your audience a clear understanding of your brand. You have to find a video production company for identity videos that communicate your brand mission. Identity videos also portray the value of your goods or services and your vision for the future. Video content also offers insight into how an event relates to your brand vision. 

A strong identity video has finer details that make it resonate. You need a professional team that uses various strategies to ensure that the video conveys a powerful and consistent message for your brand. These include appropriate typography, having a narrative story, and cinematography. Video content has the power to reinforce an existing brand and to give life to a new one. 

Supports omnichannel approach 

Video content played across various channels and platforms amplifies your brand message in various ways that other mediums wouldn’t. A short video created for a gala can be shared on a website, social media, or newsletter. You need a reputed film production house in Dubai to create an effective video for use across various channels that requires the application of various strategies. 

The video might require to be cut into shorter standalone scenes. Alternatively, you might need an engaging or good-humored video motif to supercharge the whole campaign. Incorporating video content into your marketing strategy engages the audience across various channels.

Evergreen content

With video content, there’s a tremendous opportunity for creating evergreen content that resonates beyond your event. Evergreen video content supports a brand’s marketing objectives throughout its existence. Embracing animation is effective in explaining complex concepts and technical jargon into simpler language. 

Doing this allows creating video content that communicates with policymakers, global leaders, and the general public without technical assistance. Appropriate video narrative allows using live video footage in various powerful ways. Using video allows creating marketing assets that remain relevant. 


A video can deliver an emotionally-charged story that gets to the viewer’s heart better than email, white papers, or blogs. The cornerstone to the success of any product campaign or launch is bringing messages to life. People love videos that they can share such as those with humor.

Alternatively, effective videos require an emotional approach to pique the interest of consumers. 

Sometimes, you can use a professionally made video to showcase the unexpected when looking to generate buzz. Having viewers become interested in your story compels them to share the video while spreading its underlying message in the process. 

Authentic recommendation 

About 94 percent of people trust strangers or friends to make buying decisions better than other forms of marketing strategies. So, creating quality videos increases shareability. You can capitalize on this when your video is shared by a trustworthy influencer who has a loyal following. 

You have to get a professional and creative team to make highly effective videos for you. Then you can benefit from the influencer’s huge following to market your brand. 

Transforming opinions

One of the best ways for brands to change misconceptions, reposition brand appeal, or build movement is to use video content. Videos have a transformative power to match your various digital marketing requirements. You can have a video interviewing people sharing first-hand accounts. 

Additionally, video content serves as a cornerstone for bigger omnichannel campaigns. You can have animated videos for hosting on your campaign microsite encouraging the customers. Tactics for using videos vary but the transformative power still exists to help your brand achieve its vision. 

Types of video content your customers will love

Now that you understand why investing in video content is worth the investment, it’s time to look at some types of videos your audience will love. The most effective videos will depend on your business needs and overall goals. 

The primary goal of every video is to raise brand awareness, educate the market, and keep the audience engaged. Here are some of the types of videos to consider for your brand. 

  • Live talks and presentations
  • Vlogs 
  • Tutorials and explainers
  • Testimonials and reviews
  • Frequently asked questions  

The potential of video content to support your brand’s marketing efforts are endless. You can use a professional video to strengthen your brand, reach a broader audience. Change percepts, create evergreen content, and revitalize your communication.