How to File An RTI Application Online? See Top 7 Facts About It

It’s been more than 30 days since you filed an RTI request to get the information about your MP/MLA funds. Now, it looks like you won’t get the desired response from the concerned Public Information Officer unless and until you make a well-informed move. But the question is “what?” Should you head to the specific government institution, find the contact details of the PIO or, directly reach out to the appellate authority? Well, it is wise not to take any action without a thorough understanding of its repercussions. “So, what do you recommend?” you might ask. Well, as far as our advice is concerned, we will suggest submitting your first RTI appeal to the designated First Appellate Authority as of now. If that also doesn’t get you the required information, you must file a second RTI appeal to the Public Information Officer of your State. After doing this, the chances are high you will know whether your current MP or MLA has used the government’s financial resources in proposed development projects or not. Suppose the second RTI appeal also doesn’t provide you with the much-needed response in a rare case. In that case, you must approach a leading RTI filing company in India that will also navigate you through “further” processes and also “How to file an RTI application online.” 

Now you might be thinking, why did we ask you to get in touch with a prominent RTI filing firm to know “How to file a RTI application online,” right? “To be frank,” many people in India don’t realize the importance of working with a professional RTI organization when it comes to RTI submission. If you try to find out the most common reason for the rejection of most RTI applications, it’s the inability to draft it without following the proper format. On the other hand, if you partner with a well-known RTI filing agency in India, they will deploy an esteemed panel of Supreme court and High court lawyers to prepare your RTI application as per RTI Act 2005. Thus, it reduces the chances of getting your RTI request rejected and “boosts” the chances of getting a response in the first attempt itself. 

With that over, it’s time to shift to the next vital topic in this blog, i.e.,

Seven Keys facts about online RTI application 

1. One of the best advantages of using the “RTI Online Apply” option is that it eliminates the need to go to a post office or seek someone who can file an RTI for you. Thus, “RTI Online Apply” is the most suitable route to take when it comes to fighting corruption in government institutions. 

2. If you think that filing an RTI online is an expensive affair, let us correct you “it’s not.” If you collaborate with a trusted RTI filing enterprise in New Delhi, they will charge a nominal rate for most services. Do you know why? Because they are independent establishments whose “main” goal is to facilitate the process of RTI application for the “common man” by providing them with an excellent platform to get answers to their queries. 

3. Besides that, the legitimate RTI application firms ensure that the government listens to your voice devotedly even when nobody is concerned about the same. Hence, once you have tied up with them, you can rest assured about getting satisfactory answers for the personal or public queries that you may have. 

4. Before you think that the RTI application agencies are providing various services only for their monetary gains, it is instrumental to “understand” what they do for you in the first place. They help you exercise your right to information effortlessly without sifting through many hassles, like offline processes. 

5. By choosing an online RTI application method for your “information gain,” you play a significant part in making the government’s functioning more transparent and accountable. In short, you strive hard indirectly to make India a corruption-free nation. 

6. The conventional method of filing RTI could take weeks or months to process a “simple” RTI request due to inconvenient operating procedures. What’s more? In the worst case, many fail to get the desired response from government authorities due to a “lack of knowledge” of their “functioning procedures.” Hence, legal RTI application firms cut to the chase by offering a quick and fast RTI application solution to people by removing the delaying elements from the entire process. 

7. The online RTI application service providers who have been in the business for several years stay in touch with multiple legal experts to ensure your case gets the maximum possible attention when applied. 

Coming to the last crucial question:

How to file an RTI application online?

Well, the “easiest” answer to your question, “How to file an RTI application online,” is:

1. Visit the official website of a reputed RTI application agency

2. Look for a small RTI application form on their site 

3. Enter the relevant details in it like name, phone no, email, and the remaining details 

4. Feed the necessary RTI data and upload a supporting document 

5. Review the information, accept the terms and conditions, and make the final payment 

6. Wait for the automatic update via SMS or Email and also pay attention to further notifications for getting the desired information 

In a nutshell

We hope you liked reading this content piece and learned crucial information about how to file a RTI application and some instrumental facts. So, if you want to get response-oriented RTI filing services now, please don’t hesitate to have a word with a premier RTI filing company in India.