6 Effective Elements Of Vintage Advertising [Infographic]

n 2011, Banana Republic started selling a Mad Men capsule collection which included a 65-piece line for men and women inspired by sixties outfits much like what was seen on the popular TV series. And they’re not the only company to capitalize on styles and trends of the past that are a resurgence in popularity. Coca-Cola continues to sell its 1950s-era bottles because people genuinely enjoy them. Brands from all different industries can utilize the power of nostalgia in their marketing campaigns to appeal to individuals on a more emotional level.

Nostalgia marketing harps on a sense of longing for the past, and ultimately has a great impact on purchasing decisions. Invaluable created a neat infographic that highlights some of the most successful advertising campaigns of the past, and what we can learn from them as modern marketers. Take notes from popular vintage ads of the past, and gather inspiration on how to infuse nostalgia into your marketing campaigns.

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