6 Tried And Tested Ways To Boost Instagram Engagement

Engage With Instagram Stories

If you have an Instagram account and are struggling a lot to hit the anticipated engagement rate despite posting the right content at consistent times, you are in the right place. Just continue reading this whole post to know some of the best tips that are proven to yield massive engagement on Instagram.

Use All Features Of Instagram

Just posting consistently is not equal to making use of all features of Instagram. Posting on IGTV, Stories, and reels can help you with good engagement rates. Polls, stickers, and quizzes are the excellent latest features that gather user-generated content for you and help you better understand audience preferences as far as content is concerned. Obviously, when you know your audiences better, posting the right content becomes easier. “Ask me a question box” is a new feature of Instagram where you can ask questions related to your business. Prompting the audience to pick from two options, using the slide bar to get feedback from the audience are interactive Instagram features which your audience will find more interesting to respond to. The point behind using all these features is to make users interact with you leading to increased engagement. If you want more people to see your content, you could get automatic Instagram likes and level up your engagement rates more easily. You can even use multiple features together to boost the overall engagement rate and tell the algorithm about the massive engagement.

Engage With People Who Comment Your Competitors’ Posts

Though this strategy is quite straightforward, it can help you increase your audience whom otherwise you might find difficult to reach. You need to follow a few steps to make this strategy work. First, you need to make a list of your top competitors. Next just head on to the comment section of their posts. Identify people who post pretty comments more frequently. Also, be sure that the comments are real. Keep in mind that genuine followers will leave engaging comments and will also like their pictures. You will also find them watching their stories and responding with reaction emojis. This strategy aims at introducing yourself to people who will become one among the list of your potential followers and are 200% likely to engage with you.

Send A Direct Message To Your New Followers

Consider every new follower as a valuable lead. They started to follow you out of their own decision and you must make use of this the right way. Start interacting with them by sending a direct message to increase further engagement. Creating a message template in advance to send DMs to new followers can reduce your time and effort about thinking about what to send for the very first time. But you could make little edits to the message to mean it more personal and friendly to the receiver. Asking them about the posts that they liked recently, or asking them questions that flashed your mind when you saw their profile are important things that you could ask in a DM. Making your presence in DMs by exchanging messages often will increase the chances to put your content in the front.

Optimize Your Posts

Keyword research is an Instagram update in 2021 that we all are aware of. Instead of searching with just hashtags, people can search with just plain text all of which will appear on the top as a combination – accounts, places, hashtags. Include keywords in your posts to optimize them for search and organic engagement. Make a list of keywords that you think you would use to search from the perspective of the audience belonging to a specific demographic. For instance, if you own a clothing brand, you must ensure to add appropriate keywords such as crop tops, headbands, midi dresses, etc. Keyword search is still a new thing and we don’t have a tool in our hand to find search volumes of keywords in Instagram. In the meantime, we can just take the idea from the popular hashtags to create a list of potential keywords that people would most likely enter in the search bar and use them wisely within the content. 

Respond To Comments

Make it a habit to respond to comments and when you do so include a question in your response. Posting to your main feed and praying to God will not get you engagement. Instead, sit down and spend some time responding to comments beneath your posts. Remember that you need to respond immediately after receiving the comments. At this point, you can increase the longevity of the engagement by ending your response with a question. Keep the conversation going by asking a question whenever you get a chance to respond. This kind of continuous interaction can make Instagram think that users will like this content.

Post Valuable Content For Your Audience

If you have followed all the above-mentioned tips and are still facing trouble in getting enough engagement, chances are you might be posting the wrong content that your audience was never attracted to. Switch to a business account to get access to Instagram insights which provide valuable information about audience preferences. Take an idea of which posts performed well among the audience and modify your content strategy accordingly. Choosing the right topics and posting how-to content or a tip can encourage people to like, share, and comment on your post. 

These tricks along with your creative ideas can get you massive Instagram engagement.

Author Bio:

Sarah James is a Content Writer at Voxcorp with more than 8 years of experience in Social Media Marketing. In her free time she loves to talk with her friends on food, travel and ancient culture.