7 Excellent Business Ideas That Don’t Require Employees

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Many businesses without employees can be started with $5,000 or less. This means that you are the boss and only have to answer yourself! The best business idea is something you are passionate about and knowledgeable about, so research your interests before thinking of a plan for starting up.

Starting your own business is a great way to live the life you want. The best types of businesses are those that appeal to what interests or excites you, which might be something in line with any number of different industries or sectors depending on who we’re talking about! So if it’s peace, prosperity, power- there’s an opportunity for everyone out there willing enough. Here are Seven low-cost small business ideas without employees:

Personal trainer

People are looking to get healthier, and corporations are trying to save money. The personal trainer industry is booming. Freelance trainers can work for a diverse range of clients, so they can be self-employed while still in demand. If you’re an expert at fitness with good business sense, then this might just be your calling!

Fitness has been a hot topic in America for the past few years, with employers looking to decrease healthcare costs and more people becoming aware of diseases associated with obesity. Freelance personal trainers can make their schedules and work for diverse clients while earning extra money. Fitness gurus who have an eye on business could benefit from this!


Become a tutor today! Teaching is an excellent option for individuals who want to focus on something they love. Tutors typically serve school-age children, but you can expand your services and help college students or adults in any subject area that interests them, including math, science, English literature, and more.

Build up your own tutoring business by choosing subjects you are exceptionally skilled at like Maths or Science, then offer assistance online either from the comfort of their home office with all the amenities needed; alternatively, meet clients face-to-face where ever desired, whether it’s their house or even outside during summer months when kids take extended vacations, so parents remain calm throughout holidays while

As a tutor, you get to work with people of all ages and provide them with the help they need. If teaching is not your forté, but you still want to make some money on the side by helping out those that are struggling in school, then this might be for you! There are many different ways to become an online or offline tutor, which will allow for flexibility depending on what type of lifestyle interests you most.  You could become certified through sites such as Tutor.com so that it’s easier to find jobs when needed and making sure clients know your credentials before hiring someone.

Franchise owner

Some people are interested in running a business but don’t want to take on all the risks and responsibilities that come with it. Whether you’re securing funding or finding new marketing strategies, starting your own company can be incredibly overwhelming for even those who are most inspired by entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurial success is not for the faint of heart. There’s a lot to consider before taking on this life-changing endeavor, and it can be an overwhelming process even when you’re as passionate about your idea as anyone else could ever hope to be. Do you need funding? Get ready to do some heavy lifting if you want those investors eating out of the palm of your hand (literally).


Virtual assistant

Are you a Type A and business-minded individual? Do not let your talents go to waste. Virtual assistants are in high demand for those with unique skillsets, like organization or customer service. You can do all the typical tasks of an entrepreneur from afar while still having time to focus on other aspects of life that matter most!

If you’re a self-proclaimed Type A worker with a knack for organization, don’t let your unique skills and attributes go to waste. Becoming an online virtual assistant is the perfect opportunity for anyone who enjoys managing day-to-day business tasks from the comfort of their home office.

Whether it’s customer support or content creation, as a VA, you can take on many responsibilities that would typically be handled by someone in charge at any given company – all while working remotely!

Business coach

You are a business-savvy professional with years of experience and willing to pass that knowledge on. You can become your boss. The right marketing tactics, solid personal network, and great website are essential for success as an online coach. Work with small businesses or startup hopefuls who need extra motivation in crafting their plan while advising them what they should do next if required! If you know how to motivate people effectively then, this might be just perfect for you.

Do you have a lot of experience in business and want to help others succeed? You can become a business coach! Work with people like small-business owners or startups who need your expert advice. If you are good at motivating people, this is the perfect job for you!



Podcasts are all the rage today, providing entertaining and informative content to a variety of audiences. If you can identify a niche subject near your heart or one in which you have the expertise, consider starting your podcast about it! You could start a podcast on nearly anything- there’s an audience for any topic imaginable.

Podcasts are all the rage today, providing entertaining and informative content to a variety of audiences. If you can identify a niche subject you are passionate about and enjoy speaking openly in front of others, consider starting your podcast that caters to this topic! You could start a podcast on nearly anything- there’s an audience for any topic you think up.

Starting your podcast is a great way to share information, connect with others, and explore meaningful topics. The best part about starting your show? You get the opportunity to speak openly without fear of backlash or misunderstanding because you’re in control.

Social media consultant

The social media world is changing so quickly today that sometimes it can be hard for businesses to keep up with all the available platforms and know how best to utilize them.

Social media is a key element of most business strategies today, but that doesn’t mean businesses can use it effectively. If you are an Instagram or Twitter guru who can easily curate content and create mass followings, maybe the world needs your skills! As a social media consultant with expertise in various platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn and more intuitive ways for people to make connections online, such as Snapchat stories, you’re a one-stop-shop for all things digital marketing-related.