8 Trends That Totally Changed Graphic Design

Graphic design in this era is much more than what you learned in school. You have to keep up with new trends coming up now and then. This way, you can satisfy your clients and gain an edge over competitors. Customers love innovative ideas from their designers as opposed to versions of the same designs from five years ago.

It is time to get out of your comfort zone and try out these new designs. In this post, we are going to highlight the latest unconventional trends in graphic design. This is the perfect opportunity for you to boost your portfolio and become an authority for customers and designers alike.

The internet is changing and so is the graphic design arena. Several factors lead to changes in the interaction design industry. Here are some of the graphic design trends any designer worth their salt should know by now.

Color Gradients

These are transitions that are achieved by gradually blending different colors. The most common gradients involve two colors but nothing is stopping you from exploring multiple shades.

This trend is as flexible as it gets. You can choose between a bold color gradient or a subtle one, depending on the colors you are working with. Some designers may prefer to play it safe but different combinations can give you a uniquely magnificent design.

Color gradients are on-trend because of their eye-catching and captivating nature. You can revamp a basic design into a modern style by playing with luminous colors and daring to go bold.

Color gradients for brand logos are an excellent way to portray brand colors uniquely and attractively. This trend is also applicable in the following areas:

• Print materials like posters, book covers, and business cards

• Mobile app accents and backgrounds

• Web design

• Packaging products

Muted Color Palettes

Muted colors are achieved by adding black or white to make them brighter or darker. They are ideal for illustrations, font colors, and graphic backgrounds. We have seen designers go for bright patterns in previous years but the modern trend seems to be angling for uniquely muted colors.

If you are updating a predetermined design with specific colors, you can make them with black or white to create a new design that will still be familiar to the brand. This works best for email newsletters and social media content.

Abstract & Dreamy Illustrations

Illustrations are an excellent way to pique the interest of your audience and relay an important message. Reputable social media and tech companies have recently embraced the use of abstract and dreamy illustrations. These are creatively put illustrations with unusual patterns and exaggerations, as opposed to realistic representations.

These are an excellent choice for infographics and content framed as stories to grab the viewers’ attention. Use your imagination to create the most eye-catching illustration instead of simply photographing scenes.

Heavy Simple Fonts

The trend seems to be favoring heavy fonts over light ones. Heavy fonts represent large letters of bold or extra bold sizes.

This trend is gaining popularity because of how simple heavy fonts are. They are hard to ignore and easy to read on the go. Handwritten or light fonts may appear stylish but in fact, they require the viewer to take a closer look to be able to read properly.

Mobile users usually scroll past a lot of content and heavy simple fonts stand out and demand to be seen. As such, this trend is great for social media and online marketing.

However, do not overdo the heavy lettering. It would be best to have captivating headers in these heavy fonts then the details in lighter fonts.

Minimalist Landing Pages

We are moving away from crowded landing pages with tons of unnecessary information to minimalist ones that only feature the most essential graphics. Since your landing page is probably the first thing a visitor sees on your website, you should strive to make it as clean as possible for a good first impression.

A minimalist landing page is usually comprised of two colors at most. It has clear and concise text that is strategically placed and limited graphics. This way, you can point visitors to detailed pages of whatever they are looking for instead of putting them off right away.

Better Branded Animations

Graphic designers are finally taking advantage of animation and GIF popularity and using them for branding. A unique animation that represents your brand is an excellent way to entice new customers and give your competitors a run for their money.

It will be close to impossible for other brands to copy your GIF or animation, unlike regular designs. You get to engage your customers and ensure that your target audience relates that animation to your brand.

Social Media Slides

The slide decks we have seen recently incorporated in Instagram and LinkedIn are not only good for lifestyle photos but also for brands and companies. We recommend using them on these two platforms because they are depicted as decks for users to see.

Since these slides have been reported to attract more impressions than regular posts, they are perfect for presenting your content. You can use them to showcase the different products and services you provide or summarize blog content.

They are a great way to engage your target audience and have them slide through the deck to the very end. As such, it would be best to start your slide deck off with a fun and captivating header.

Text Filled Videos

Remote working has made it harder to shoot new video content or even hire freelancers to do so. It has also been reported that users may soon grow tired of watching people talking into their computers non-stop.

Text-heavy videos are an excellent way to engage your target audience and impart informative content. Whether you are making an announcement or explaining how a product works, the text makes it easier for the viewer to capture essential points and remain interested in the video.

They also give you the perfect platform to use graphic fonts, brand colors, and voice to better relay your message. These videos are also faster to make because actual shooting is not involved.

Final Thoughts

Graphic designs are primarily aimed at communicating information to users and what better way to do so than to keep up with modern trends? The tech stack of AirBnB can be used as a model for other businesses, such as real estate firms that want to create a unique design of the application or site. We hope that this post has been insightful in some of the best ways to reach your audience.