9 Hard-To-Believe Facts You Should Know About Americans

America is the land of opportunities. In fact, many people from across the world would grab a chance to live in the US. This country has a diverse culture with endless opportunities for everyone. However, there are various hard-to-believe facts most people don’t know about American’s. Luckily, you’re going to discover thee if you keep reading this article. 

No official language 

According to Worldatlas.com, there is no official language in the USA. However, most Americans overwhelmingly speak English. And, the second most popular language is Spanish. the millions of people in the country speak about 350 languages including:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • Vietnamese
  • Tagalog

1 in 8 people has worked for McDonald’s

McDonald’s is a prominent company with locations across the country. In fact, no American is 115 away from any McDonald’s outlet. It is one of the biggest employers in the country employing about 200,000 worldwide according to Statista.com. Almost everyone in the US works for this company in their lifetime including high school kids, working parents, and retirees. In 2018, McDonald’s was the second-largest employer in the USA with 1.7 million employees.

Everyone has debt 

One of the weirdest American characteristics  is borrowing money to spend on things they desire. A 2021 CNBC report revealed that an average American has $90,460 in debt. Most of the debt is in form of mortgages, personal loans, consumer products, car loans, and student loans. 

In fact, highly educated people have more chances of being in debt. These use a lot of loans to finance education and afterward get high-paying jobs that encourage lavish lifestyles that encourage spending. 

Montana has more cows than humans 

According to Pairiepopulist.org, there are more cows than people in Montana. The U.S. Census Bureau in 2018 revealed that Montana had 1,062,305 people with a ratio of two cows to one person. Carter County had 74 cows to one person. The biggest industry in this state is agriculture with livestock accounting for two-thirds of the economy. 

Most Americans are obese

Obesity is a condition where someone has excess body fat. According to Harvard, 2020, one in three Americans is obese. The rate is higher in Non-Hispanic black women. And, Caucasians are less likely to become obese compared to other people including the non-Hispanic Black population, Mexican Americans, and Hispanics. All the states and territories in the USA have an obesity rate of 20 percent and the Midwest and the South have the highest prevalence rate. 

Most people live in New York City 

New York is the fourth biggest city in the US with energy no other city on the planet competes with. This city buzzes with traffic, 24-hour life, creative spirit, and the hustle and bustle of people going their ways. It is among the most vibrant cities in the world with a population of 19,299,981 in 2021 according to the World population review.com. this city is the most densely populated in the country with more people than 10 other states combined. 

College sports are part of higher education

American society has a great interest in college sports including football and basketball. It is a multi-billion dollar industry with strong links to the school’s reputation and brand. A strong athletics program in a school is a good source of money in form of donations and endorsements. Besides, a school with a good sports reputation has a higher profile and has higher enrollment. Students usually consider sports reputation when selecting a school. 

Apart from making money for the school, sports teach students valuable life lessons and give them some lifelong careers. Students who engage in college sports become more responsible and develop leadership skills. Through sports, students also meet coaches who become mentors that help them become successful in life. 

Job hoppers

An average American spends about 4.6 years at a particular job. In fact, one in four workers is likely to switch careers this year especially millennials. These leave their current companies to look for higher salaries with better benefits. Workers in their 20s and 30 have higher chances of taking the risk to change jobs than the older folks who are established in their careers. 

Out of wedlock babies are common

The number of unmarried ladies who gave birth was at 18 percent in 1980 and grew to 40 percent in 2019 especially among Caucasian and Hispanic women. The likelihood of an unmarried lady giving birth depends on factors such as level of education, race, and ethnicity. An explanation for this is the growing number of financially stable women who believe they can support their babies without assistance from their fathers. 

To wrap up

America is a wonderful country with a lot of amazing things. I bet you didn’t know some of those facts shared in this article above. Understanding them allows appreciating American culture better than before.