A Collection of the Best Advanced Investment Tips From Billionaires

Investors who are just starting out have what seems like unlimited advice, classes, and guidance at their fingertips. But once you’ve gotten a handle on the basics, it financial advice can start to feel repetitive. There are only so many times you can read Warren Buffett’s advice to “buy and hold” before you feel like you’re not getting anywhere in your investment journey.

On the other hand, truly advanced investment tips can feel like an entirely different language. If you’re a middle-of-the-road investor, someone with a little bit of experience but who isn’t an investment professional, where’s the happy medium of advice that’s still new and helpful, but not totally beyond comprehension?

The team at Annuity put together 7 great pieces of advice from famous billionaires that apply to exactly those people. These tips address the challenges that you’ll likely face as you exit your 20s and start making your way into the middle of your life—questions about what comes next, how to set new goals once you reach old ones, and how to determine the guiding principles that help you make those decisions.

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