A Comprehensive Guide on How Technology has Changed the Practice of Law


Undeniably, without the involvement of technology, nowadays it has become impossible to sustain in this competitive market. Be it the finance or legal industry, almost every essential sector has adapted the latest technological trends to improve customer experience. With the assistance of easy-to-access software, lawyers can now work or help their clients remotely.

Gone are the days when the customers used to take legal advice by visiting a law office. These days, you just need to download a law firm application or go through a website to get the ultimate dispute resolution. Technology provides a plethora of benefits to the advocates, which has brought ease and convenience to their working process and life. 

Why Do Most Attorneys Resist Technology?

Unfortunately, there are law firms in Dubai that haven’t yet embraced these technological advancements due to infallible reasons. Some of these legal professionals resist the rapid usage of technology because they have a fear of replacement. A few of them still cling to the conventional method of law practice for not having inadequate knowledge about the latest trends. 

This traditional way of finding the right legal information and assessing and gathering required client documents is time-consuming. But, most of the law firm associates tend to consider these current document storing or accessing methods difficult. Moreover, some legal experts often assume that their customers won’t accept these sudden changes. As a result, they might move to another legal agency to mitigate their legal requirements. 

So, in a nutshell, it can be exemplified that, for safeguarding the company’s reputation, these law firms don’t want to use technology.

Nowadays, when lawyers need an instant update about the current law, they usually prefer acquiring it from the Internet rather than a newspaper. Because it can be accessed easily and within just a few minutes, by searching it from Google. With the advent of IBM computers and Artificial intelligence, the practice of law has dramatically changed. Another prime benefit that technology has offered is the digitalization and storage of statutes, regulations, and case laws. 

With the introduction of chatbots in the legal industry, customers can now get prompt answers to their legal queries. With the rise of smartphone technology, you can now book an appointment with an attorney at a convenient time. Almost 64.7 % of law firms in Dubai allow their attorneys to telecommute by just setting up the required unified communication tools. These days, lawyers receive most of the client’s legal documents through email, database archives, or other IoT devices. eDiscovery automation software has helped to increase the productivity of legal practitioners across the world. 

With the emergence of technological innovation, simplifying the case management process has become easier. Be it scheduling important court case days or managing documents — by using the software, you can perform every legal work. Many law firms have connected their organizations with social media platforms to increase the conversion rate. So, if you are a law firm owner and want to avail these benefits of technology, contact an expert now.