The Hidden Dangers – Ensuring A Healthy Office Environment


A typical office may seem anything but dangerous, but the number of workplace accidents employees suffer these days say otherwise. Besides the regular slips and falls, you never know if one of your employees is going to get seriously injured at work unless you actually put some thought into it.


Not only is it way better for your employees when they know that their workplace is safe and healthy – but it can also save you a fortune in terms of lawsuits.


Here is a quick guide to how you can make sure that your office is in perfect order and that nobody will get hurt at work. That way, you can get back to work without worrying about the health of your team.


#1 Air quality


There is more to an office than just chairs, computers and desks; in between all of that matter, there is the air that may be filled with dust particles and even mold. Make sure that the office is cleaned regularly, first of all, with a particular focus on removing all of that dust that tends to gather around computers.


While carpets are a safer surface for your employees as they’re not likely to fall and slip, it’s also known for hiding away a lot of dirt and dust. Tell the company that cleans the office to focus on dust, first of all, as well as keeping their eyes open for any signs of mold.


You might think that the office is mold-free, but if you’re situated in an aging building, you might be struggling with it without even knowing about it. Give Environix a quick call if you’re worried about mold in the office, and you’ll be doing your employees a huge favor.


#2 Make them stand


Ever seen your employees stretch and yawn while sitting in those office chairs? It’s not just because they’re tired – at least not always. Sitting for a long period of time is really not good for their health, and you can easily help them out by making sure that they have access to standing desks.


That way, they can just stand up and adjust the level of their desk before getting back to work. It’s going to help with their energy levels as well, which again is great news for the performance of your company.


#3 Clean those keyboards


Some employees eat their lunch over it, others bring their phones to the toilet before sitting back at the desk and tapping away at the keyboard. It’s not healthy for anyone, and especially not the person who has to use the keyboard afterward.


Do your team a favor and encourage them to wipe those keyboards with an antibacterial wet wipe before they start their day. Alternatively, you can ask the cleaning company to help you out with it – but the safest bet is just to give your employees the tools to a healthy keyboard so they can do it themselves.