5 Highly Sought-After Leadership Skills in 2021

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In an organization, there are people from different environments with different skill sets and varying aptitudes. You cannot make them strive to achieve a goal without the help of a charismatic persona. This persona is responsible for making them a single team and leading them to a collective goal by utilizing all of their personal and organizational goals to get maximum impact. That persona or individual is called a leader

When you want to know the 5 highly sought-after leadership skills in 2021, things become quite intense. 2021 has witnessed global changes and shifts (that are caused by pandemics, of course) and changed the game plan for the leaders worldwide. Now the old strategies are of no use, and there is a particular skill set that makes leaders perform more, grow more, and outperform all the other leaders who don’t have such skills endowed. 

Let’s explore these skills one by one:


Some might explain resilience as the capacity to recover from difficulties. But here for the leaders, resilience means the ability to keep fighting and never give up no matter what the circumstances are. Organizations and companies are looking for decision-makers who are endowed with the ability never to give up regardless of the environment and situations. 

This leadership skill allows the leader of today to come up with the out-of-the-box strategy and game plan to cope with a global market with competitors from all around the globe. The leader cannot take the risk of losing hope and think of quitting the global fight. Only a resilient leader hardwired with the will to go on and fight with robust ideas can make the team survive in the highly volatile industry. 

Management gurus, regardless of the country and place, rank resilience the top-rated leadership skill in 2021. 


This skill is intertwined with the one mentioned above. If you are not a resilient leader, you cannot think of being adaptable to the changing scenarios. The global scenario has changed the definition of leaders and business to a global extent. Now you cannot think of surviving this highly capricious environment without being able to adaptable to change. 

Adaptability is your ability to look for the changing demands of the scenario and evolve yourself to meet those demands most constructively. Currently, there are the latest inventions and unstable settings in and outside the industry. Only a leader with the ability to learn new ways and the will to go on can adapt oneself according to the changing scenarios and lead the team towards collective goals. 

Simply put, the ability to change oneself according to the environment’s changing needs is called adaptability. If a leader misses this trait, he or she cannot succeed in the current time. 


Without communication, a leader is unable to make the team a single body and lead them towards achieving the collective goal. Communication doesn’t mean being able to converse in diverse languages. Rather it is an approach to convey the perspective and insight to the next person and making them believe in themselves and lead them towards the goal.

Communication is not only about saying and telling; rather, this process involves understanding others. A person cannot claim to be a leader if he or she is not able to understand the misconception and confusions of the team members and actively eradicate any complexity involved in the act of dissemination of information. 

The art of making your team members understand what you want them to do and the ability to eradicate the complexity and confusion will get you a team that can outperform all the other key players in the industry.  That is why communication is said to be an integral skill for leaders today. 

Analytical thinking

The ability to look for the patterns in the given data and come up with out-of-the-box solutions can be stated as analytical thinking. This skill is crucial for leaders today. Analytical thinking makes the leader foresee the changing scenarios and circumstances, and this foresight helps the leaders take corrective measures and tackle the situations with the pro-active approach. 

A leader without analytical thinking cannot understand the patterns and sequences in the data. Coming up with creative and innovative decisions to a particular problem is almost impossible without analytical thinking. This ability helps the leaders to make a wise move in the availability of the least amount of data. 

Analytical thinking is the need of the hour for the global leaders and decision-makers in the big chairs, and we cannot take the risk of neglecting it here. 

Distribution and delegation

A leader cannot do all the tasks by him or herself. What is the use of the team when you cannot share your workload with them? The current trend in leadership skills is the ability to assign important tasks to worthy team members and allowing you to focus on making the big decisions and changing the plan. 

Delegation is the art and science of distributing the tasks and assigning them to the most suitable person. A leader without the insight and ability to see the strength and weaknesses of the team members will not be able to delegate the work. The extra workload will make the leader tired and unable to see the changing trends and current requirements of the unpredictable environment. 

The leaders who have mastered the skill of work distribution and delegation cannot outperform the other key players in the global industry. 

Over to you

If you are looking for a leader, you must look for these five crucial skills. A person without the set of these skills is unable to perform in the complex and complicated global environment. Now leaders have to deal with diverse teams and lead them in all sorts of unpredictable scenarios. The leader with the will to go on and adaptable to adjust according to the scenario will be babel to communicate with the team. The analytical thinking and delegating skill will make the leader utilize all the available team members, their power, and organizational resources to thrive and grow in the impulsive global scenario.